Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth announced they were pregnant with their first child a few months ago. The news didn't come as a shock because the Duggar girls are known for getting pregnant pretty quickly after they get married. Both Jill and Jessa have two children each already and their older brother, Josh has five children and counting. Jinger Duggar is the only daughter who has not fallen pregnant right away and with her first anniversary coming up, she may make it through the entire first year.

Joy-Anna and Austin's life

Now that the newlyweds have settled into their new life, Duggar fans are wondering what their plans for their future are.

It appears that the two have chosen to buy their first home instead of renting. Joy-Anna and Austin have been the most “together” couple as far as finances and plans go out of all the Duggar children who have gotten married. Jinger wasn't far behind when she married Jeremy Vuolo last November, but she moved several hundred miles away. The goal for the Forsyths appears to be to live close to both of their parents. According to Romper, Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth may already be living in their own home. This isn't typical as the couples usually move into a starter home like Jessa did, but not this couple.

With the news of the new baby on the way, Joy-Anna Duggar has been treated rather poorly.

There have been plenty of rumors about when she got pregnant, some suggesting she hooked up with Austin Forsyth before the two got married. That is likely not the case at all. The two were married at the end of May this year and if she is due around the end of February, it was definitely a honeymoon baby. The Duggars draw out controversy everywhere and this was just another opportunity to jump on the bandwagon and shame them.

Will Joseph and Kendra follow suit?

The season finale of “Counting On” featured the wedding of Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell. She is roughly the same age as Joy-Anna Duggar and many are wondering whether or not a pregnancy announcement will be coming from this couple soon. Caldwell has been involved with the family on and off for several years.

She was asked to court by another Duggar brother, but that ended up going nowhere. Joseph snagged her up and now, the two are settling quite nicely as newlyweds. It would be nice for Joy-Anna Duggar to have a pregnancy buddy as her sisters all had that. Anna, Jessa, and Jill were all pregnant together.