"The Rachel Ray Show" was taped on Wednesday and was aired on Thursday, October 26 to celebrate the show's 2,000th episode over the last 12 seasons. A lot of Rachel's friends and Celebrities helped her celebrate and kick off the milestone episode. Her family was in the studio audience.

Oprah Winfrey

The host was introduced by Oprah Winfrey, who stayed for half of the show. They sat at the table and chatted about how Rachael got started in 2005. This was very appropriate, because Rachael Ray got her start on the "Oprah Winfrey Show." The two media personalities ate some of Oprah's new soup products.

Oprah gave the studio audience gift cards to purchase $100 worth of soup from their local grocery stores.

Oprah shared that when Rachael appeared on her show 12 years ago, she knew even then that the 49-year-old cook was going to be successful. Ray expressed thanks to Oprah for giving her the exposure she needed to get her own show off to a good start. She told Oprah that none of it would have been possible without her. She added that she has a job and doing what she loves to do because of what Oprah did for her.

More guests

Oprah introduced Rachael's friend Chef Emeril Lagasse. Before the two of them went into the kitchen to cook, many videotaped congratulations were shown from other television talk show hosts such as those on "The Crew" and "The Talk." Individuals such as former First Lady Michelle Obama, Regis Philbin, and comedian Steve Harvey chimed in with their congratulations.

Dr. Phil, who also got his start on his show because of Oprah, taped a special message for Rachael along with many others. Then Rachael's celebrity crush, 50 Cent, shared a videotaped message with the honoree. When she turned around from the monitor, the rapper was standing there in person to present her with a huge bouquet of flowers.

She was so surprised and shared how much she loves him.

Other activities

Emeril cooked one of Rachael's favorite meals for her before other surprised guests came on stage. One was singer Tony Bennett, who serenaded the talk show host. She received a special anniversary cake from the cake boss, Buddy Valastro. Slices were distributed to the audience.

It is safe to say that Rachael's 2,000th episode will be one to remember. She really enjoyed it and her studio audience, which received two tickets to Iceland, did too.

Not only does Ray hosts her own successful cooking show, but she also has three series on the Food Network. She also has several cookbooks and cookware to her credit.