In all honesty, season 12 was definitely not the highlight of the “Supernatural” TV Series so seeing such an exciting start to the 13th season, could not make the fans any happier. After a three month hiatus, we finally have the Winchester brothers back on screen for some demon-hunting/world-saving action. Not to mention that this season will feature a backdoor pilot for a spin-off show called “WayWard Daughters.” However, what is most exciting for this new season, is its never-explored-before theme - the Winchesters raising the son of Lucifer (what a twist right?!).

Meet the parents of season 13

According to the executive producer, Andrew Dabb, after 12 seasons that consist of 23 episodes, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep a show fresh; so the screenwriters are facing constant challenges to come up with exciting story-lines.

And this particular season, it can be said that so far, they are doing an amazing job. At first, we were a bit surprised to see Jack become the main storyline, and for “Supernatural” to go to a story arch that had already been touched before (Sam struggling with his demonic powers in the first few seasons); however, our skepticism grew weak after we were presented with the son of Lucifer. This season will focus on the brothers handling Jack, and will feature them "co-parenting" him.

The new Winchester member

So far, we have noticed the rift between Sam and Dean, regarding the “darkness within Jack.” Dean is convinced that Jack needs to die in some way or another, whereas Sam believes in the good in him, and wants to save that creature no matter what. In this season, we will get to see the brothers be parents to each other, and parents to Jack.

It will be like “My Two Dads,” but in a special Hellish edition. Sam Winchester will be especially involved, according to Jared Padalecki, because he understands the position of Jack, and will do whatever he can to ease the journey the son of Lucifer has to undergo. The brothers will also have to deal with loneliness, as a result of losing whatever was left of their family.

Losing Crowley, Castiel, and Mary, at the same time, took a big toll on the brothers. Although we do know that Mary and Castiel will be back at some point during the season, and the family will be reunited once more, the fans still have to endure the pain of Sam and Dean winchester (don’t we always?).

A young soul, who despite knowing it has an unimaginable darkness within, has remained far from the dark side’s reach so far. And despite all the “Supernatural woho” that goes within the show, the writers are determined to keep everything within the Sam and Dean Winchester frame. They are, after all, the heart and blood of the show, and that is what has kept “Supernatural” running, and fans inexplicably hooked all these seasons. After 12 seasons, the show is still about two brothers out on the road saving people, and hunting things.