Rose Mcgowan is one of eight women published in The New York Times' exposé on Harvey Weinstein's sexually abusive past. Since the release of the article, dozens of others have come forward alleging the producer harassed them. Though the Times didn't reveal specifics about her experiences with Weinstein, she took to Twitter on Thursday to allege that he raped her back in 1997.

Blacklisted in Hollywood

According to The Guardian, McGowan had told many people about Weinstein's sexual assault but until now, the time to go public was never right. She apparently met with a lawyer who told her that going public with her claims was a bad idea.

She was allegedly told that she would never win a case against Weinstein.

After telling people in the industry she had been raped, McGowan claims she was blacklisted. "I was blacklisted after I was raped, not because I got raped, but because I said something..." said the actress.

When she took to Twitter to publicly accuse Weinstein of rape, she addressed her tweets at Amazon's CEO. McGowan says she told studio head Roy Price about the assault but was ignored due to lack of proof. The Guardian says she did have proof: 3 surgeries on her wrist and elbow.

Rose army

While the Weinstein scandal continues to create explosive headlines, McGowan wants to make sure that the story doesn't die out. On Friday, she held a boycott of Twitter which she described as "a protest of women's voices being silenced." Millions of men and women joined her in the protest by not liking, retweeting, or even checking their Twitter feeds.

Before signing off for the day, she tweeted "MEN: if you are on here tomorrow, I urge you to AMPLIFY our voices. Call on your brothers to be better, go after ones who won’t. #ROSEARMY."

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Weinstein's brother Bob spoke about how ashamed he is of his brother's actions. McGowan, however, believes that he is just trying to save his reputation.

She returned to Twitter on Saturday quoting a tweet by Alexi Melvin who claimed Bob Weinstein tried to lure into one of his brother's hotel room meetings. "DO NOT LET BOB WEINSTEIN OFF THE HOOK," said McGowan.

The actress even took aim at Matthew Belloni, editorial director of The Hollywood Reporter. Quoting his tweet about his interview with Bob Weinstein, McGowan said "You helped kill the Roy Price exposé.

I know what you did. You and your “paper” are a huge part of cesspool Hollywood."

With headlines about sexual harassment in Hollywood continuing to overflow, actresses like McGowan are using their voices to put an end to the systematic problem.