Rose Mcgowan is one of many Hollywood stars who has allegedly been sexually harassed by Harvey Weinstein. She was one of the original eight victims written about in The New York Times' explosive piece investigating Weinstein's abusive past. According to legal documents reviewed by the Times, McGowan reached a settlement with the producer after the incident occurred in 1997. Like many others, she was reportedly paid $100,000 to keep quiet.

Speaking out

Though McGowan was written about in the Times' investigative piece, Thursday was the first time she addressed Weinstein's harassment herself.

She took to Twitter to call out Amazon studio head Roy Price for ignoring her pleas for help. In tweets addressed to Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos, the actress says she told Price that Harvey Weinstein had raped her, but he told her there was no proof.

McGowan continued to direct her tweets at Bezos, telling him that a script she wrote had already been sold to Amazon studios when she heard that "a Weinstein bailout was in the works." She apparently begged Price to do the right thing but was ignored.

The actress says she planned to call her attorney and get the script back from Amazon but received a call saying her show was "dead" before she had the chance.

McGowan finished up the series of tweets at the company's CEO saying that she loves Amazon, but wants Bezos to "stop funding rapists, alleged pedos and sexual harassers." She also told Bezos to be the change he wants to see and to "stand with truth."

Leave of absence

Amazon announced late Thursday that studio head Roy Price is now on Leave Of Absence.

This announcement follows McGowan's Twitter rant as well as a sexual harassment claim from Amazon TV producer Isa Hackett.

The producer recalled going out to dinner with the cast of her show "The Man in the High Castle" as well as Amazon staff back in July 2015. Price apparently invited her to an after-party and the two traveled together in a taxi.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Price began sexually harassing her when they got in the car. "You will love my dick," the studio head allegedly said to her. Though she made it clear she was not interested, telling him that she has a wife and kids, Price did not let up.

At the Amazon after-party, she says that Price interrupted her conversation with others to shout "Anal sex!" in her ear.

Hackett reported the occurrence to Amazon executives as soon as possible, and though she never heard back, knew nothing was done since Price maintained his position as studio head.

It was the Harvey Weinstein scandal that allowed Hackett to finally feel safe enough to announce this publicly. Though Amazon released a statement about Price's leave of absence, CEO Jeff Bezos has yet to reply to Rose McGowan's tweets.