It seems that Donald Trump's presidency has caused other celebrities to believe they can lead the country. At Comic Con in Los Angeles on Saturday, the actor used his stage time to discuss rumors about him considering to run for office. According to the Washington Examiner, Johnson told GQ in May that he wouldn't rule out running for president since he thinks President Trump is incapable of leading the country.

"Run the Rock 2020"

In July, someone who is unaffiliated with the Rock allegedly filed an official campaign committee form for a presidential run with the Federal Election Commission.

The move must have been fueled by the actor's previous discussion of the topic which started during the month of last year's election. In November 2016, he talked to Vanity Fair magazine and said that running for president "would be a great opportunity to help people."

While most people are focusing on trying to get President Trump impeached, Johnson seems focused on two things: promoting his new movie and circulating speculation of a run for office.

He was at Comic Con to promote his new film titled "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle" which will be released in December. While on stage, Johnson decided to talk about his alleged presidency campaign. He stated that he thinks "the people's president" has a nice ring to it, ending the short discussion with "I'll just say that." The actor is making headlines with his statement, which could just be in an effort to promote his new movie.

"Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle"

The Rock's new movie is a sequel to the original "Jumanji" which was released in 1995. Along with Johnson, the movie will star Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan, Jack Black, and Nick Jonas. He said the aim with the film was to bring the a new version of the classic movie to the current generation. He also apparently hopes to honor the original film's creator, Robin Williams, with the film.

The film was directed Jake Kasdan and follows the storyline of the original Jumanji. This time, four teenagers come across the Jumanji video game. They apparently decide to plug the game in only to be trapped inside of it. However, the teens aren't themselves while inside the game. They turn into Johnson, Hart, Gillan, and Black.

"Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle" is set to be released on December 26 across the world. The film is expected to be a hit since the original 1995 version is still to this day considered a classic.