As "Saturday Night Live" returned for the show's 43rd season two weeks ago, they wasted no time trolling Donald Trump. Alec Baldwin was on point in his role as a satirical version of the commander in chief, but that wasn't all the show had to say about the current state of politics.

Trump and "SNL"

It's no secret that Donald Trump and the majority of the celebrities out in Hollywood don't see eye to eye. When the former host of "The Apprentice" kicked off his campaign and labeled illegal immigrants as "rapists" and "murderers" in the process, actors, singers, directors, talk show hosts, comedians, and more hit back in opposition.

Within months, Trump became the butt of a joke on several late night talk shows, as well as the number one target of humor for "Saturday Night Live." After Alec Baldwin was brought on board to play the satirical role of the president, ratings for the show spiked, resulting in the commander in chief venting on social media. Trump wasn't a fan of the humor on "SNL," making sure to call out Baldwin as "not funny" in a series of tweets. After yet another week of controversy, Trump became the butt of the joke once again during the October 14 edition of "Saturday Night Live."

Kicking off the cold open of "SNL" on Saturday night, Alec Baldwin once again was on point in his trolling of the president.

"It's great to be here with all you trucker drivers. We have so much in common," Baldwin said in mockery of th president's recent speech to a group of truck drivers in Pennsylvania. "We had a big week. We are getting rid of everything Obama did. Health care. The Iran Deal. And we are ripping out all the vegetables in Michelle Obama's garden and planting nuggets," he continued.

"That's why I had Mike Pence go to the Colt's game on Sunday and when those players knelt during the anthem I told him to get the hell out of there," the mock Donald Trump said. "Don't worry. We are taking Mike's season tickets and donating them to two lucky winners in Puerto Rico!" Alec Baldwin said, using a fake Spanish accent that was used in similar fashion by the president earlier this week.

The skit continued, with the president calling a satirical Mike Pence on the phone at an NBA game, a local Starbucks, and a wedding, as they played into various themes Trump hit on during the week, including the alleged "War on Christmas," as well as his feuds with Rex Tillerson and Bob Corker. In conclusion, Baldwin addressed Eminem's recent freestyle rap before closing out the segment.

Moving forward

As "Saturday Night Live" and others continue to poke fun at Donald Trump, the president is likely still not pleased with being a joke to millions of Americans. Despite claiming to have the support of the majority of the people in the country, the most recent round of polling shows Trump with an approval rating of just 35 percent.