In an interview The Hollywood Reporter, Bob Weinstein revealed how he feels about the situation his brother has put him and his company in. Harvey Weinstein has left their company in shambles after being exposed for decades of sexual harassment last week. Though he was fired by the Board of Directors, many of The Weinstein Company's upcoming projects are in jeopardy.

A waking nightmare

Weinstein describes the entire situation as "a waking nightmare." He tells The Hollywood Reporter that he was a victim of Harvey's verbal abuse for many years, and the entire family knew he needed help.

He even claims that they begged him to get help, knowing he has a sickness that is "inexcusable."

Weinstein says that his brother's lack of remorse "kills" him, calling his apology letter "lame." It is apparent to him as well as his daughters, who "felt sick" reading the letter, that Harvey does not feel anything.

Recent headlines reveal that The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is holding an emergency meeting in order to determine whether Weinstein will keep his membership. Bob Weinstein firmly believes he should be kicked out, saying that he even plans to write a letter to the Academy.

Ashamed of family

Weinstein also told The Hollywood Reporter that the two have not had a good relationship for years.

He says that he is ashamed to be his brother and doesn't think he should be allowed back in Hollywood. The co-founder of The Weinstein Company said he will fully cooperate with any police investigations.

When asked about rumors that the company could be sold or shut down, the younger brother said that it is in a good place. Though a few members of the board have resigned, other employees are still loyal to the company.

"We don't want Harvey to have the last word on this company. We want to stay," said employees during a recent meeting.

Weinstein says that his brother should be the one who has to pay for the damage, not the company or the many people it employs. He did confirm that the company is going to change its name. Though they have not made a decision yet, he says the name will certainly not involve the family name.

Weinstein made it clear that his brother does not feel bad for his actions. He said he has spoken to him twice since the Times' explosive article was published and his biggest concern is who sold him out. He says that his brother does not feel at all apologetic to his victims and is instead angry.

Bob Weinstein has made it clear that he is completely against his brother and ended the interview sharing his empathy for all the victims.