Next month's "Thor: Ragnarok" introduces another female superhero, this time in the form of Tessa Thompson's The Valkyrie. While female characters often serve as merely a love interest for the main male lead, Valkyrie is the complete opposite of that. Sure, Thor might have a tiny crush on her, but Thompson's Valkyrie is as strong as she is stunning. In fact, the actress warned people not to call her character "bada**," because she's definitely more than that label. Most recently, Thompson is advocating for an all-female MCU film, given the massive success of DC's "Wonder Woman," which proved that audiences are more than ready to see a female lead superhero on the big screen.

Bustle reported how Thompson recalled her and some other MCU actresses approaching Marvel producer Kevin Feige to talk about a female-led superhero flick. Here's what she had to say to Feige about the idea.

Tessa Thompson teams up with other MCU actresses

Bustle reported that during a press conference for "Thor: Ragnarok," Tessa Thompson revealed how she "marched up with a couple of other women that work in Marvel and we went to Kevin [Feige]" to share their ideas on an all-female Marvel flick. Feige did recall that conversation, saying, "It was a pretty amazing moment to be somewhere and have your shoulder get tapped and turn around and every female hero we have is standing there going, 'How about it?' And I said, 'Yes.'" While there's no official confirmation from Marvel that there will be a team-up film featuring Valkyrie and the other Avengers, it's safe to assume that the massive film company is finally opening its doors and its minds to a female-driven film.

Actress isn't the first to speak up

"Thor: Ragnarok" actress Tessa Thompson isn't the first to speak up about a possible all-female led Marvel flick. In fact, "Guardians of the Galaxy" star Karen Gillan told Digital Spy back in April that she did pitch a Gamora (Zoe Saldana) and Nebula spin-off to Marvel because "obviously this needs to would be amazing to see a female-driven film like that.

We could do with some more females at the forefront."

'Wonder Woman' paves the way

In this regard, DC definitely made a smart move to go ahead with launching "Wonder Woman" this year. This proved to be a success, earning over $800 million worldwide, further proving that audiences do want to see more women in the forefront. Marvel has been lagging behind with this but has promised to release "Captain Marvel," with Brie Larson, in 2019, during which the "Wonder Woman" sequel will also be released. In the meantime, fans can catch Tessa Thompson in "Thor: Ragnarok" on November 3.