Rose Mcgowan and over 40 other women have come forward in the past month to expose Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein for decades of sexual harassment. The actress claims he assaulted her back in 1997 after the Sundance Film Festival. She came to an agreement with him following the incident, saying that she would keep quiet for $100,000. The actress kept her end of the agreement until this month when it was finally time for the world to know what kind of man Weinstein really is.

Decades of harassment

Over 40 women have come forward calling out Weinstein for embracing Hollywood's "casting couch" culture.

He would allegedly invite young actresses to his house and open the door in only his robe. Most of the 40 women said they were told to give him a massage because "everyone does."

While some actresses like Angelina Jolie and Gwenyth Paltrow were able to make it out of Weinstein's presence untouched, some weren't so fortunate. Rose McGowan and five other women have claimed that he assaulted them. This has caused investigations by police departments around the United States as well as London.

An unidentified woman came forward to the Los Angeles police recently in order to share her experience with Weinstein. This has caused his name to remain in the headlines while he attends sexual addiction therapy in Arizona.

Another deal

In an interview with The New York Times on Saturday, McGowan claims she was contacted by someone close to Weinstein before their investigative article about him was released. It is apparent that they somehow knew about it and obviously wanted to keep it under wraps.

McGowan said she was offered $1 million dollars to keep quiet which would have meant retracting her statements from the exposé.

She was asked to sign a nondisclosure agreement but ultimately decided against it. She said many people close to her told her to take the deal in order to fund her work.

She told the Times that she was considering counter-offering $6 million and knew she could get at least $3 million, but it wasn't in her best interest. As she's made clear on Twitter, McGowan is an advocate for woman's rights and won't let anything get in the way of that.

She claimed that taking money from Weinstein to stay quiet would have made her "feel disgusting."

While McGowan has been very active on Twitter since exposé, she didn't make her first public appearance until this weekend. She spoke about women's rights and the change Hollywood is already seeing at The Women's Convention in Detroit on Friday October 27.