The second season of Riverdalefinally premiered on The CW and the 14th episode of the popular television series picked up immediately where the last episode of the first season ended. The Andrews are currently facing a life-changing incident and the rest of the gang are struggling with their own problems involving their parents.

The new season opened up with a refresher in “Chapter 14: A Kiss Before Dying,” revealing the important highlights from “Riverdale” Season 1, which included the Blossoms’ alarming troubles and the Lodge women at each other's throats.

The season ended with Archie Andrews and Fred Andrews getting mixed up in a robbery at Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe, which resulted in the latter getting shot and experiencing a life and death situation.

Archie’s vow

Because of the urgency of the situation, Archie drove to the hospital to save his father even though he has yet to acquire a driver’s license. As soon as Fred gets tended to in the emergency room, Archie calls his best friend Betty Cooper first about what just happened and she was the one who relayed the news to the rest of the gang.

Betty, Jughead Jones, Veronica Lodge, and their parents sprinted to the hospital after finding out about Fred’s tragic incident. The shooting incident stirred up turmoil within Archie, admitting that he cowardly succumbed to the robber after his father was shot because he got too scared.

Fred eventually woke up from his brief coma after going through eerie hallucinations involving dead characters such as Jason Blossom and Clifford Blossom, stirring him to give in to death. As soon as Fred woke up, Archie promised that he would protect his father, especially after his lowly reaction during the incident.

Archie’s vow has somehow turned him into a changed person, becoming paranoid that the robber might come back for him and his dad, especially with his father’s wallet missing.

Children going up against parents

The first episode of “Riverdale” Season 2 has somehow effectively introduced every angle in the new installment without making it look too packed. Aside from the challenge that the Andrews are going through right now, it revealed the current situations of the Lodges, Coopers, Jones,' and Blossoms.

Cheryl Blossom and her mom, Penelope, happened to be in the hospital when Archie brought in his father. Penelope suffered severe burns after Cheryl’s fiery episode of burning the Blossom family mansion and as soon as she was conscious, Cheryl wasted no time in intimidating her mother, reminding her that things will be different now.

The Coopers are doing fine so far but Betty and Jughead are starting to feel the burden of their family’s differences. Jughead insists that he’s not going to be a Serpent just like his father but he found that that he can’t just shed his family's identity after some Serpents violently interrogated someone to help Jughead’s investigation into Fred’s incident.

Meanwhile, it has finally become a crowd in the Lodge mansion with the head of the house, Hiram finally returning home from jail. Veronica and her mom recently got into a heated confrontation that led the latter to decide that her daughter needs to know where she stands in the family.