The new “LongmireSeason 6 trailer has been released. It can be recalled that fans of the prominent series revealed good and bad news last year. The show was picked up for a sixth season in 2016 but it was revealed as the final season of the series.

According to Cinema Blend, “Longmire” Season 6 only has ten episodes. Fans have been waiting for the sixth season for several months, and now, the new trailer has been released. Meanwhile, the new batch of episodes will premiere on November 17. The announcement was probably too early but it can be done months ahead.

The “Stranger Things” Halloween premiere, for example, was announced during the Super Bowl event back in February.

New trailer for Season 6

The new trailer suggests that the upcoming season will be as intense as the previous ones. It seems like Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor) is considering leaving his job as the Absaroka County sheriff. This despite Cady (Cassidy Freeman) not wanting him to surrender the badge on any terms other than his own.

Meanwhile, Henry (Lou Diamond Philips) was in a bad position when Season 5 ended and he could be the possible reason Walt won’t be going anywhere. The latter won’t stop until he knows Henry is safe. Walt and the other characters who would help save him must act fast.

Things could get worse if he goes out and remains out in the elements too long. If this is the case, not much of him will be left -- mentally or physically.

Vic’s pregnancy in Season 6

Vic’s (Katee Sackhoff) life will continue to be miserable in Season 6 as she conceals her pregnancy from Walt. She claims that it is “none of his business.” Due to her tough situation, viewers may expect some pregnancy complications in Season 6.

While she does not plan to leave Walt behind, fans have to wait and see his reaction once he discovers that Vic is pregnant.

In the end, Vic and Walt still have a murder case to investigate when the Netflix series returns. Their issues will hopefully be set aside for them to succeed. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, Season 6 will pick up where Police Chief Malachi Strand (Graham Greene) kidnapped Henry.

The situation is a matter of life and death for Henry, therefore, viewers can expect a more intense season.

It seems as though Malachi’s primary motive for returning is revenge. It can be recalled that he was fired from Casino and lost all his money. Thanks to Netflix, “Longmire Season 6 will be able to continue after being axed by A&E in 2014.