"Riverdale" season is all set to kick off its second season on The CW, a long-awaited continuation form the suspense-drama TV series. There will be many new faces appearing such as Hiram Lodge (Mark Consuelos) and Toni Topaz (Vanessa Morgan).

The parts of both Hiram and Toni are pretty clear. They will spur some issues in what is branded as a darker “Riverdale.” The former has so far been portrayed as an evil and heartless person – someone who may likely be tied up to the Jason Blossom murder and Fred Andrews (Luke Perry) shooting.

As for Topaz, she will be the queen Serpent to help guide Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse).

With Juggy’s dad, FP Jones (Skeet Ulrich), still behind bars, the teenager made the surprise shift from Riverdale to Southside.

No chance of Juggy and Toni relationship

As mentioned in a previous post, Topaz may eventually become close to Jughead this second season. However, everything will only be casual since Toni is bisexual. So how does Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart) fit into the mix?

Similar to traditional relationships, Toni will likely gain the jealousy of Betty because she is always with Juggy. If there is a conflict happening between Betty and Juggy along the way, it will likely be more about the time both have for each other.

In season one, Betty stayed by Jughead’s side through thick and thin.

Now, Toni is shaping up to be the new and first female friend for Juggy plus other guys. Aside from Topaz, other key Serpents holding possible key roles were shared recently via the Archie Comics Twitter account.

This version of Toni will be different

For those who followed Jughead and Toni Topaz in the comic books, both share a common love – burgers.

So far, Jughead only showed his fondness for hamburgers once in the later episodes of the first season.

It remains to be seen of Topaz would be showing that fondness in the second season. Seeing how showrunners have altered the characterization of key figures, Topaz may portray a different role and fondness. Being "Riverdale's" first openly bisexual character, anything can happen – including possibly making a pass at Betty.

The introduction of Toni Topaz and Hiram Lodge are just glimpses of things to come on “Riverdale” season 2. There are plenty of other twists to consider like the “Black Betty” turn and figuring out who shot Fred Andrews. Archie Andrews (KJ Apa) will be having big changes, all likely tied up to the unfortunate shooting at Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe in the season 1 finale. The second season of “Riverdale” premieres Oct. 11 on The CW.