Joe Duggar and Kendra Caldwell have just returned from their honeymoon. However, fans are already hoping to hear baby news from the newlyweds. On September 8, Kendra and Joe tied the knot at the First Baptist Church in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. After their wedding, Joe and Kendra flew to Greece for their honeymoon where they explored the ancient cities and enjoyed the lovely sceneries in the country. Now that the couple is back their followers and fans are looking forward to hearing pregnancy news.

Are Joe and Kendra already expecting their first baby?

Most "19 Kids and Counting On" members immediately get pregnant shortly after tying the knot. For instance, Joy-Anna Duggar who just walked down the aisle in May is already expecting her first child with husband, Austin Forsyth. Fans are hoping that Joe's wife, Kendra, will get pregnant too, soon.

The Duggar Family shared the news about Joe and Kendra's return from their honeymoon on Facebook. Many people are so excited to learn whether Kendra is already pregnant, so one urged her to take a pregnancy test soon. "Baby????????????????????hurry!!! Take a pregnancy test," Ana Arevalo commented. Meanwhile, another user added, "He[Joe] has to hurry up and get her pregnant to meet Jimbob's quota."

At this time, there are no signs that Kendra and Joe are expecting.

However, fans are hoping that the couple will follow the Duggar pattern of jumping right into parenthood after getting married.

It cannot be denied that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's children are growing up. A number have already gotten married and left the Duggar home to start their own families. The “19 Kids and Counting” clan is getting smaller.

Last weekend, Jim Bob and Michelle stepped out to watch football and many were saddened to see their family photo because the members are getting fewer. Their fans are not used to seeing a small Duggar family.

How did Joe and Kendra spend their honeymoon?

According to reports, Joe and Kendra were spotted in Athens, Greece and their whole venture was filmed for TLC's "Counting On." In one scene, they took a food tour and tried out all kinds of food to see what they liked.

Part of the tour was trying different drinks too.

While “Counting On” fans are getting excited about Joy-Anna’s upcoming baby and Kendra getting pregnant, it also didn’t go unnoticed by many that Jinger is still not pregnant. It’s almost a year since she and Jeremy Vuolo wed, but the pair is still not expecting an addition to their family, which is unusual for a Duggar.

When do you think will Jinger get pregnant? Will Kendra announce her pregnancy too before the year ends? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.