Rick and Morty season 3 concluded on Sunday, October 2. The finale episode consisted of all one could expect flying creatures, a psychedelic background and so much more. While the third season was wrapping up, the confirmation for a fourth one already arrived. The show co-creator, Dan Harmon even confirmed that a fourth season would arrive. According to a report by Den of Geek, they plan on making 10 episodes this time.

A different side to Rick

Each season of “Rick and Morty” has a core theme running through and through. Rick has been stagnant when it comes to his personality throughout the three seasons.

He has occasionally been shown as emotional when it comes to his family. But that’s pretty much about it. “Rick and Morty” Season 4 might focus on a different side to the main character. He was seen taking on gangsters and fighting off his friends as well, but this time around – there might be something completely new to explore.

Evil Morty to return

The third season’s “The Ricklantis Mix-up” witnessed an unexpected twist to the show. Morty up till then was merely showcased in the shadow of Rick. But this time around, Morty was seen taking his own decisions. He is what ultimately turned out to be the mastermind towards the end of the episode. Something similar might end up taking place in the next installment of “Rick and Morty.”

Citadel is be showcased again

If the showrunners end up bringing the Evil Morty back, they will also bring the Citadel back.

This is the perfect opportunity for both the main characters to fight each other. In fact, in third season’s “The Ricklantis Mix-up,” a similar thing took place. There is no reason why the Citadel wouldn’t make its comeback.

Tammy and Phoenix person to return

There are high chances that the showrunners might end up bringing Phoenix person (or Bird person) back in the show.

Tammy was introduced in the second last episode of the third season. He was introduced as Beth’s friend from school. His character boasted of many fun-filled skills. His presence would ultimately end up generating a lot more content than one can imagine.

Mr. Meeseeks – another important return

Mr. Meeseeks was introduced in the third season as well.

He is Rick’s brainchild that is designed to help his family members reach their short-term goals. However, if it is not kept in control, then things could go out of hand. “Rick and Morty” is especially fun when things go right out of hand.