When “Family Guy” creator, Seth MacFarlane decided to collaborate with Fox entertainment and launch “The Orville,” fans perceived it as the best decision ever, says Den of Geek. Its episodes are based on "Star Trek"-like futuristic set and consist of humor as well as drama. Seth MacFarlane plays the role of Captain Ed Mercer in the show. He is accompanied by actress Adrianne Palicki as XO Kelly Grayson. The first episode of The Orville,” launched back on September 10. Newer episodes of the show have been airing each week ever since.

Everything you need to know

The next episode is titled, “Krill,” and is expected to launch on October 12, 2017. The showrunners have already released promos, episode guides, and a trailer for it. The next episode is apparently going to revolve around Ed and Gordon. The two characters are sent on an undercover mission to infiltrate the Krill ship. Their main objective is to retrieve a copy of their Bible. This is the second last episode of “The Orville” season 1. The finale episode is titled, “Majority Rule,” and is expected to launch on October 19, 2017. Kelly will be seen leading a team. Their mission, if they choose to accept, will be to search for Union anthropologists who were lost on the 21st century Earth.

The trailer of the ‘The Orville’ episode 6 plus cast details

The latest trailer for Episode 6 revealed that Charlize Theron is set to join “The Orville” team. According to a report by Entertainment Weekly, fans will get to see Theron and MacFarlane for the first time since “A Million Ways To Die In The West.” Not very many details about her character have been made available to the public yet.

What is certain is that she is making an appearance for only one episode. Other than that, Peter Macon who plays Bortus on the show will also be included. He will be joined by Penny Johnson Jerald – who plays Dr. Claire Finn, Mark Jackson – who plays Isaac, J. Lee – who plays John Lamarr and Halston Sage – who plays Alara Kitan.

All these characters take up very little screen time but play a contributing factor towards making the show dramatic and humorous at the same time. These actors are expected to be joined by Chad L. Coleman, Norm MacDonald, and Larry Joe Campbell as Klyden and Yaphit respectively. It isn’t known yet which character Larry Joe Campbell will be playing exactly. The actor is famous for appearing in, “Best Friends Whenever,” and “According to Jim.”