Remember when Jennifer Lopez casually sang along to her own songs, in the middle of random tidbits of talking about her celebrity friends? Also, who would forget when listening to Mariah Carey sing along to her songs was just like playing the real record?

How about when Bruno Mars seemed to have so much fun while wearing a silk top that maybe only a few people could pull off? All the artists mentioned seemed to have had enjoyed their time at James Corden's "Carpool Karaoke." Now, those episodes probably made many viewers think that all guests have had the same pleasant experience.

Well, a recent interview with American rock band, Foo Fighters proved otherwise. According to NME, the band found it "a little uncomfortable."

Foo Fighters in "Carpool Karaoke"

Last month, the band made an appearance on the "Late Late Late Show" and its segment, "Carpool Karaoke." Corden and the band sang along to the band's new single, "The Sky Is A Neighborhood" (from the album, "Concrete and Gold"), as well as classic hits like "Learn To Fly," "Best Of You," and "All My Life."

Sounds enjoyable, right? Apparently not. Reportedly, the band found it tiresome. According to a report from People, by the third hour, it wasn't so amusing. The band's guitarist, Pat Smear, confirmed that they felt they were done filming but there were not -- just halfway through it.

No hard feelings against Corden and "Carpool Karaoke"

Frontman Dave Grohl described the experience as "uncomfortable," but he has nothing against the host, Corden. He added that the host is a nice guy and "definitely a music lover."

Although, he wasn't too happy about singing his own songs, as Grohl said he'd be "too embarrassed." Grohl mentioned that the band did some songs from Rick Astley and The Ramones, but those weren't used for the show.

Other updates on the Foo Fighters

The band celebrated their 22nd anniversary last June and came out with a release, “Run.” It's the band's first song since their November 2015 project, the Saint Cecilia EP. "Run" will also be included in the band's ninth studio album, "Concrete and Gold."

This past weekend, the band headlined "Cal Jam," with Liam Gallagher, Queens Of The Stone Age, The Kills, and Wolf Alice, among others. It was held at Glen Helen Regional Park at San Bernadino, California.

For those who haven't seen the segment, here's the Foo Fighters rocking it out (and seemingly loving it) with James Corden: