Fourteen-year-old danielle Bregoli shot to instant fame after she appeared on “Dr. Phil’s” episodes. The outspoken girl used a phrase, “Cash me outside, How 'bout that?” on the show which immediately went viral. Since then, she has been offered many contracts by YouTube and TV stars alike. She is identified as being bold and brutally honest. The viewers might also be aware of her anger issues.

Bregoli on Kardashian-Jenner

In an interview with Hollywood Life, Danielle Bregoli expressed her disinterest in Kardashian-Jenner sisters’ family. She was asked to comment on Kylie Jenner’s "pregnancy rumors" with boyfriend, Travis Scott.

Showing complete disinterest, she said that the celebrity’s pregnancy has got nothing to do with her. She feels that it is none of her business. She was also asked to share her what she thought about Kim Kardashian’s surrogacy. To this, she responded by saying that she “couldn’t care less.” The celebrity then went on to admit that she is tired of talking about the Kardashian-Jenner family.

Danielle has been in a verbal conflict with the Kardashian sisters since February 2017. In a radio talk show back then, she was heard criticizing Kylie’s "hour-glass figure." She even went ahead to comment on the celebrity’s decision to get lip injections done. Danielle took things to another level in her first single (music video), “These Heaux.” She was seen pulling a Kylie-like outfit, paired up with butt enhancements and lip fillers.

It’s not all-hate from Danielle’s side. She posted a picture on Instagram in June 2017. In the picture, Danielle can be seen posing with Kim Kardashian at the Beverly Hills Hotel. She accompanied the picture along with a caption that read, “See. I can play nice too.”

Danielle's album

According to a report by TMZ, the celebrity spoke about her upcoming album.

Her rap name is “Bhad Bhabie,” and Atlantic Records has offered to collaborate with her. She was heard saying that she is thankful to Atlantic Records for giving her the opportunity. She has even met the entire East Coast team and she is extremely excited for her work to be published. According to her, she has signed up with all her favorite artists.

Danielle has signed a contract with Atlantic Records to record multiple albums. One can expect more videos like, “These Heaux,” from the “Cash Me Outside,” girl soon. The exact release date of the upcoming album is not confirmed.