Danielle Staub, who is a former housewife of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey," is returning to the reality television show. If you remember watching the ending of the second season of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" then you know she didn’t have good relationships with any of the housewives. However, now that a few years have passed, it has become clear that she made amends with former castmate Teresa Guidice. Staub then went on to be interviewed by E! on her season eight return, and she said she's "going in armed and ready."

Danielle Staub on rekindling her friendship with Dina Manzo

Currently, Giudice is the only housewife that she is friendly with.

However, she is ready to make amends with housewife Dina Manzo. You see, Staub was recently on Wednesday night’s "Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen" and a caller asked her about what housewives she would rekindle a friendship with. Staub then answered the caller by saying that she would like to become friendly again with Manzo. Manzo could use a new friend as after all she is dealing with the stress of her house being broken into.

However, Manzo may be one of the only housewives that Staub wants to rekindle any friendship with. We know this as the reality television star recently appeared on an episode of "The Morning Breath Podcast" to discuss becoming friendly with her former housewives.

Staub replied to the question by saying “I mean, Dina might be the only one that I would want to try to mend the ways with eventually, but only because she's a really important part of Teresa's life.” Many find it odd that Staub would become friends with Manzo again as the two have had very intense confrontations since the second season of the show.

The new season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey

The brand new eighth season of the series premiered on October 4. The series was renewed for an eighth season back in April, and the show announced Staub's return in August. This season will welcome back Staub at some point in a "friend" role. The new season stars returning housewives Siggy Flicker, Teresa Giudice, Dolores Catania and Melissa Gorman.

It is also important to mention that Jacqueline Laurita will not be returning at all this season and replacing her is the new housewife Margaret Josephs.

If you have seen the first few episodes of the new season, then you would know how drama filled they are even without Staub starring in them. For example, in the premiere episode, Giudice deals with being a single parent while her husband is stuck in jail which also brings a whole lot of complications into her life. However, the drama didn’t end there as Flicker has become very focused on her career and her career ambitions are causing problems in her marriage. All of that excitement took place in only the first episode of the new season which means this season will be full of arguing and fights so be sure to check out Staub's return to the show.