Whether you know them for their unintentional viral photos or hilarious prank wars, one thing is for certain, you will not forget De’arra and Ken. Since making their YouTube debut three years ago, they’ve amassed over 5 million subscribers between their two channels—and that’s no easy feat. Before the much-loved couple knew it, business deals were knocking at their door, and the rest is history.

Stardom in the Age of YouTube

De’arra, 21, and Ken, 22 are a social media sensation who’ve been dubbed #relationshipgoals by fans. Their wild challenges, personal vlogs, and constant world travel bring lots of entertainment and intrigue to YouTube.

Subscribers continue to fall head over heels in love with the duo because they’re approachable and provide all-access into their day-to-day lives, unlike that of powerhouse celebrity couples. They work hard to build and maintain rapport with their supporters, a connection that allows them to feel close to the DKGang and vice versa.

Boo2! A Madea Halloween’

The twosome dropped subtle clues about a mysterious gig for months on end, and in the light of speculation, on October 11, as part of their vlogtober challenge, they finally revealed what the surprise was: they’re in Tyler Perry’s new film, ‘Boo2! A Madea Halloween’. The film is scheduled to be released Friday and is their first on-screen appearance.

“[We] honestly wanna say that [we’re] extremely grateful for everything. [We] want to thank you guys because, without an unbelievable family like the DKGang, none of this is possible,” the pair said, of fans never-ending support. On Monday De’arra and Ken, along with their families, were geared up for the movie premiere. Of course, the DKGang was a part of that monumental experience.

Wearing a custom yellow two-piece dress and a navy tuxedo, De’arra and Ken took the ‘Boo2!’ Red Carpet by storm. “Being a part of this movie was unbelievable. I grew up watching Madea films, so just to be called to be a part of one was just a phenomenal feeling,” Ken said. De’arra chimed in, “And actually be a part of it with my love bug.” Fans took to Twitter to express their pride.

“De’arra and Ken are literally the definition of black excellence,” one person tweeted. “I am so proud of De’arra and Ken. They really came a long way,” another fan tweeted. The couple has more surprises up their sleeve. You can also catch them in YouTube Red’s ‘Fight of the Living Dead: Paradise Calls,' on October 31.

Love, success, and haters

This year has proved a success for the young entrepreneurs, with fans witnessing their rise firsthand. But like any success story, there’s sure to be criticism. They’re a lot of people who can’t wrap their heads around them being famous simply because they’re in a relationship. And although some people may never "get it," the couple doesn't allow haters to slay their positivity or stifle their growth.