American R&B songstress Tamar Braxton released Blue Bird of Happiness September 29, 2017, her fifth and final studio album. The “Love and War” singer told fans she’s stepping away from the music industry to focus on her marriage and son. Braxton further explained she’ll continue to do reality TV, as well as develop new shows.

‘Blue Bird of Happiness’

Blue Bird of Happiness tops its predecessors in that it shows Tamar’s vocal maturity and artistic growth. The 11-track album—preceded by two singles: “My Man” and “Blind”—is well-shaped, with a fair mixture of ballads and up-tempo records.

“My Forever", the opening track, captures the listener’s attention; the gentle tinkle of the harp creates a magical vibe that leads him/her into the song naturally. Records like “Wanna Love You Boy” and “Pick Me Up” are captivating and punchy, while songs like “The Makings of You” and “How I Feel” remind the audience of the overarching story the album is centered around. Tamar’s performance on this body of work is full of heart and conviction. Notwithstanding “Run Run” and “Hol’ Up” feat. Yo Gotti which disrupt the overall experience, Braxton leaves her Tamaritans with a compelling, high-quality album.

Tamar’s quest for joy

Last year the singer-songwriter went through a few rough patches, namely being publicly fired from daytime talk show The Real.

In an interview with Wendy Williams two weeks ago, Tamar says she was at a point where nothing in her life seemed recognizable. “I felt so broken, so lost, and confused about everything,” Braxton said. That confusion sent her on a quest for joy and clarity. Blue Bird of Happiness—the title derives from a folklore—was born out of the chaos that reigned in her life.

Themes on the album include love, happiness, infidelity, and breakups. Tamar revealed that the story of the Bluebird (a bird who abandoned its treehouse in search of happiness in other places and ultimately returned home and discovered joy in what it had) resonated with her, prompting her to reconnect with her spirit.

She’s branded this record her “best work to date.”

The final hurrah

Tamar is arguably one of the top R&B singers out right now, so it’s bittersweet to see her closing the door on her beloved passion, but uplifting to know that she’s in a better space. She ended her more than 20-year music career in an appropriate fashion, presenting her talent in ways like never before. The singer’s attractive vocal tone and deep lyrics on Blue Bird of Happiness are sure to grab the attention of whoever comes across this project. Braxton will join Xscape and Monica on the Great Xscape Tour.” The tour kicks off November 22nd in Richmond, Virginia. #Tamaritans