If you subscribe to O, The Oprah magazine, you know that each issue features creator Oprah Winfrey on the cover. In recent issues, the celebrity has seemed slimmer but in October's O, just wow. Ms. W shows eye-popping weight loss in her cover photo. She also looked thinner at a Hurricane Harvey benefit event September 12. The Emmy-nominated actress should turn some heads presenting at the Emmys on September 17. So, how did she lose weight? it has to do with living life to the fullest.

Oprah: Obesity managed

Oprah Winfrey must have had a little help from Harry Potter and the Reducio!

spell. "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks" star seems to have shrunk herself. Her face on the O cover is slender and an article inside the magazine reveals Oprah' slim legs. One might even call her skinny if that word wasn't body-shaming. The media queen resembles Viola Davis with her rock-star body (not bad for 63, thank you very much!) Winfrey has shared her battle with obesity 2017 seems to be the year she won the weight loss war.

Oprah reveals secret to weight loss and inner peace

When asked how she did it, the spokeswoman for Weight Watchers credits the diet program. But it's a "love's me-love's me not" relationship. After a 40-lb weight loss in 2016, Oprah dumbfounded folks by revealing that her secret to diet is not to.

A lifetime of body-shaming (even by the likes of plastic surgery doyen Joan Rivers), drove Oprah to anorexia-like dieting. By focusing less on weight and more on seizing the day and maximizing happiness, she made peace with herself. And paying it forward, paid it back in lost weight.

What do Hurricane Harvey, LGBT and breast cancer have in common?

Oprah Winfrey: these are just a few of the humanitarian causes she champions. The Presidential Medal of Freedom winner shines a light on numerous causes: gay and lesbian, art and literature, women's health, breast cancer awareness. Like Michelle Obama, Oprah champions girls white and black.

Along with Beyonce, Barbra Streisand and George Clooney and other Celebrities, 'The Color Purple" star appeared on a September "Hand In Hand" telethon to support victims of Harvey and Hurricane Irma.

But you have to diet, right Oprah?

"The Oprah Winfrey Show" host says meh, not really. Weight loss or more accurately healthy weight management is about so much more than food. Certainly, healthy choices mean a healthier lifestyle. Sugar, processed food, bad fat and sodium cause heart trouble, diabetes, high blood pressure and more. But so can stress, depression, low self-esteem, and even an eating disorder. Practicing self-care and an attitude of gratitude can lose weight as much as calorie-counting.