What's eating Rachael Ray these days? The children's healthy lifestyles advocate and celebrity chef of "Food Network" is showing weight gain after impressive weight loss not long ago. Are health problems or menopause causing obesity? Ray's trouble could lie closer to home. Rumor has it her troubled marriage to John Cusimano drives her to comfort eating. But that flies in the face of the relationship weight loss theory. Regardless the source, the answer lies in Ray's own Yum-O! program.

Rachael Ray binge-eating to salve marriage woes?

John Cusimano supposedly cheated and caused Ray to overeat.

But goes against research which finds that women with happy love lives gain weight. It's the ones in failing relationships who lose weight. Jennifer Aniston was rumored to have gained weight because she was still in love with Brad Pitt. Anna Duggar shed pounds after her husband Josh Duggar admitted adultery. People assumed the "19 Kids and Counting" star hoped to lure back her unfaithful spouse. Depression after breakup can be an appetite suppressant: couples have called the "divorce diet."

Rachael Ray: Man problems or menopause?

Folks are quick to spot a man behind every case of female weight gain or loss. But the answer might be simpler than that. At 48, the TV cook is probably menopausal. Menopause is connected to multiple health issues that spur obesity.

Sleep interruptions, hot flashes and night sweats cause exhaustion and depression. Lethargy derails exercise and increases Type 2 diabetes risk. Mood swings can lead to binge-eating. Aging slows down metabolism and fat burn which is directly linked to increased weight.

Weight loss every day with Rachael Ray

The good news is that the TV chef on "Food Network" has already shown the path to health.

Now all she has to do is put her own tips into practice. In her program Yum-O! Ray shows children how to plan nutritious meals and cook them. To shed the pounds, all the celebrity chef needs to do is whip up a hearty veggie soup cleanse. Soup is an antioxidant, fat-burning metabolism booster that heals the emotions along with the body. Now that's comfort food!