There is much excitement about the upcoming episode of "Outlander" Season 3. After all, the episode "A. Malcolm" will focus on the highly anticipated reunion between Claire Randall and Jamie Fraser after being apart for twenty years. But is it possible that the celebrated meeting at the print shop will lead to disaster? [The following article contains possible spoilers for "Outlander" Season 3. Proceed with caution]

Book readers are already well aware that the print shop reunion is one of the best scenes in Diana Gabaldon's novel "Voyager." It took plenty of research courtesy of Roger MacKenzie before Claire found out Jamie has taken the name Alex Malcolm and is living in Edinburgh.

However, their reunion is also expected to bring about a conflict in "Outlander" Season 3 Episode 6.

Claire gets up close and personal with Alex Malcolm

The synopsis for "A. Malcolm" listed by Zap2It confirms that Claire will be reunited with her husband and the two will "rekindle their relationship." However, it is also revealed that "Jamie's new business dealings could jeopardize the couple's hopes for a simple life." Could this mean that Mr. Malcolm will be found out and sent to prison?

There is a possibility that Claire and Jamie will manage to leave Edinburgh unscathed. After all, the couple, as well as Jamie's nephew Young Ian, were able to get away in the "Outlander" book series. Unfortunately, things might not go so well once they decide to relocate to Jamie's home in Lallybroch where a major secret awaits.

Jamie's second marriage revealed

In Diana Gabaldon's novel, Claire finds out that Jamie has actually married Laoghaire, the girl who once accused the first Mrs. Fraser of being a witch. Naturally, Claire becomes upset with the discovery and decides to leave her husband in Lallybroch. There is a possibility that the reunion will be cut short by the very same girl who had tried to tear Claire and Jamie apart more than twenty years ago.

Hopefully, the sixth episode of the current season will not escalate too quickly. It is possible that "A.Malcolm" will focus solely on the print shop reunion and all the wonderful things fans are hoping would happen for Claire and Jamie. The incident in Lallybroch could take place in a later episode.

Claire Randall and Jamie Fraser's print shop reunion will finally happen in "Outlander" Season 3 Episode 6. "A. Malcolm" will air on Starz on October 22.