Even before the release date of the first movie, DC and Warner Bros. Pictures has already given the go-ahead for producer Zack Snyder to start the writing process for Justice League 2.” The superhero movie, which will serve as the follow-up to one of this year’s most anticipated franchise entries, is one of the brightest lights in the DC release schedule in the next few years.

‘Justice League 2’ in pre-production

J.K. Simmons, who plays Commissioner James Gordon in the predecessor in the film, has confirmed that the script of the sequel is already being written with Zack Snyder leading the pack.

One interesting tidbit about this is the fact that Simmons seems confident that he will be in the sequel.

When Justice League 2” get released, it will become the third DC Extended Universe movie to assemble a legion of heroes after its own predecessor and “Suicide Squad.”

It took a while before DC, Warner Bros. Pictures, and producer Zack Snyder got the right formula in the movies in the cinematic universe. While all three previous movies in the universe were box office hits, they were critical duds and received harsh reviews from fans.

It was “Wonder Woman,” released this year, which represented a major tonal shift and change in the universe’s critical fortune. It earned a total of $821.4 million worldwide and was hailed as one of the best superhero movies of all time.

Marvel undermining DC?

It seems, however, that rival Marvel will not be taking this uptick in interest in DC movies sitting down. It has been revealed that “The Punisher” will be bowing down on Netflix on the release date of “Justice League.”

While this release date may be coincidental, it is hard to think that it was not a deliberate move.

Justice League,” after all, is a cinematic event that could become DC’s answer to “The Avengers.”

The Avengers” was Marvel’s first billion-dollar hit, grossing more than $1.5 billion and becoming the third highest-selling movie of all time. If the movie manages to reach that or at least, breach the billion-dollar mark, it will further intensify the two studio’s rivalry.

Both “The Punisher” and “Justice League” will bow down on Netflix and movie theaters respectively on Friday, November 17. On the other hand, “Justice League 2” was initially scheduled to arrive in theaters on Friday, June 14, 2019; but its release was delayed earlier. No new release date has been announced as of yet.