The Season 8 premiere of "The Walking Dead" featured a lot of interesting callbacks to the show's early seasons to celebrate the 100th-episode milestone. However, this week's installment was all about action as we saw the different fractions of the Alexandria-Hiltop-Kingdom coalition attacking various outposts of "The Saviors."

The action was spread across the episode in the four different subplots. The first one followed Morgan, Tara, and Jesus in the attempt to take over the satellite outpost, the same one Rick and the group already attacked in Season 6.

Then, we have King Ezekiel's group chasing the guy who threw a grenade in last week's episode. We also saw Rick and Daryl on a mission to find the guns and the group led by Aaron, fighting what seems to be yet another fraction of "The Saviors."

However, there was a lot more going on in this week's episode than just pure fighting. So bear with us as we try to answer the most important questions of "The Walking Dead" 8x02: "The Damned."

What will happen to Eric?

For the first time since he was introduced in Season 5, Eric a.k.a. Aaron's boyfriend actually got a decent amount of screentime. He proved himself to be really brave, putting himself in the line of fire. But unfortunately, he ended up with a nasty wound in the stomach.

So that naturally begs the question: Is he going to live?

Well, if the showrunners decided to closely follow the base material, then, yes, because he did die around this time in the comics. However, the cause of death was a headshot, and he died instantly. With this in mind, we can say that there is definitely a possibility for Eric to live on in the TV show.

Is Rick going to take that baby?

Not long after he escaped near death while fighting with one "Savior," Rick encountered a baby who is most likely the daughter of the man he just killed. That made Rick question what he did as we saw him barely being able to look himself in the mirror. So the question remains: Will he adopt baby Grace?

He probably feels guilty enough to do just that. After all, Judith could use some company.

Who is the familiar face?

It appears that the familiar face from the official synopsis for the episode is none other than Morales, one of the Atlanta survivors we met in Season 1. He was briefly a part of Rick's group before he decided to take his family to Birmingham. Rick even gave him a gun to help him survive. And now he is apparently Negan's ally as we learned that he already called "The Saviors" and that they are on their way.