"Outlander" returned for season 3, and with it some pivotal moments in the story. Black Jack Randall is killed at Culloden in episode 1 while Frank dies in episode 3. Whether or not Tobias Menzies will return to the show remains to be seen since both of his characters are now dead. Roger is back after appearing in the final episode of season 2. Now he, Claire, and Brianna are trying to find out what happened to Jamie and whether or not he is still alive. The next episode, which is the fifth in the season, will provide more pivotal moments for five of the characters in the story.

Frank departs while Roger returns

In episode 3, season 3, Frank died. Even though both of Tobias Menzies characters have now died on "Outlander," that doesn't mean that he won't be back. Menzies reflected back on his roles as Frank and Black Jack Randall in "Outlander." He told Paste Magazine that it wasn't hard to make Frank sympathetic because Frank was a character that was trying to do the right thing. Because of it, it makes it easy for the audience to care about him. Fleshing him out made the story more emotional and dramatic. Frank finally comes to understand that he loves Claire, but she doesn't love him, and he finally transfers his love to Brianna. She is the glue in their relationship.

Menzies said that he enjoyed playing Jack Randall because it was fun even though Randall was evil.

According to Parade Magazine, Richard Rankin, who portrays Roger, is the new Scottish hottie in the "Outlander" universe. Roger is helping Claire to find out whether Jamie is still alive. Time takes place the same in the past as in Claire's time, so Claire and Roger have to determine where Jamie is in 1768.

In the coming episode, Claire will help Brianna come to terms with the news of her "real" father while Roger brings news that forces Claire and Brianna to make a difficult choice. Rankin said that he was reading the books, and he was currently reading book five. He was amazed by the amount of real historical detail included in the books.

Although Roger is currently carrying out his role as a historian right now, he does sing, and producers had talked to Rankin about singing in the show.

Freedom and whiskey

Fan Fest reported that episode 5, "Freedom and Whiskey" would be a pivotal episode for five of the characters in the series. The most important is Claire as she has searched for her freedom from the beginning. It started with trying to escape her memories of World War 2, then she seeks to escape both the British and Scottish. Her goal is to finally assume her own destiny. Dr. Joe Abernathy, Claire's friend, struggles to become an African-American doctor during the 1950s and 60s. Claire will confide in him her dilemma to find Jamie.

Will he encourage her to go? Brianna struggles to leave her old life behind and discover who she is now while Roger travels to Boston. Does he have news or is he there to pursue Brianna? Or is it both? Jamie is woven throughout all of this, and Brianna is urging Claire to find Jamie because she loves him. Will Claire finally have the courage to try and find Jamie? Depending on the outcome of the next episode, it may just make fans angry. "Outlander" is on STARZ Sunday nights at 8:00 p.m.