Last week's episode of "Outlander" centered around Jamie as he impregnated his employer's daughter accidentally. She blackmailed Jamie into having sex with her so that she could experience what it felt like to enjoy sex before marrying a man old enough to be her grandfather. The child that resulted was Jamie's son, and the mother died in childbirth. When the time was right, Jamie entrusted his son to Lord John Grey and returned to Lallybroch. This week Claire faces the decision of her life while Brianna explores her history. Roger shows up in Boston during the Christmas holidays.

Why is he really in Boston?

The decision of her life

After the frustration of trying to find out where Jamie is in the past, Claire and Brianna return to Boston. During the Christmas holidays, Roger arrives in Boston for a visit. He has news for Claire and Brianna about Jamie. For Claire, the news drives her into a panic because Roger believes that Jamie is alive and working in a print shop in Edinborough. Claire has many fears over the situation because she is afraid of leaving Brianna behind. She is also afraid that if she did return to the past, she would find a Jamie who didn't feel the same way about her that she felt about him. After mulling over the new information, Claire decides to keep the information from Brianna and swears Roger to secrecy over the issue.

Brianna's reaction

Although Claire decides to keep the truth from Brianna, eventually she reveals to Brianna the truth about Jamie and shows her the newspaper clipping. It gives clues about where Jamie is and what he is doing now. Brianna decides that Claire should return to the past to be with Jamie and encourages Claire to go back.

Although Brianna is trying to understand her new identity since Claire revealed that Jamie is her father, Brianna reassures Claire that although she loves her mother, and she will be fine.

Claire makes preparations to return to the past and the episode ends with Jamie fainting after she walks into the print shop. This week's episode left many unanswered questions including the cryptic conversations with Joe, Claire's fellow doctor.

How much did she really tell him about Jamie? There was no big plot reveal here. Was Roger really in Boston to tell Brianna and Claire about Jamie or did he have other reasons for being there? "Outlander" also said goodbye to Frank and Tobias Menzies as Frank's character was killed in a car accident. More details of Roger's character were also revealed.