When we found out that we were going to lose some of our favorite characters in “Once Upon a Time,” we were understandably worried. How would they deal with the epic love stories that were the Charmings, Emma and Hook, and Belle and Rumple? Would the last six years feel like they were completely forgotten and pointless?

Episode 2 told us everything that had happened to Emma and Hook, but we were still left with plenty of questions. “OUAT” season 7, episode 4 is going to focus on Belle and Rumple. It’s time to find out why they haven’t received their happy ending.

There’s something about Alice

Alice has fallen down the rabbit hole and there may be no saving her. Even Victoria thinks that it’s time to have her committed. Of course, Alice isn’t about to let that happen and there seems to be a deeper storyline. We will finally get to learn the connection between her and Rumple.

It all goes back to the Enchanted Forest. Belle and Rumple seem to get their happy ending, only for it to be torn away at the hands of Alice. She’s there with a gun and ready to kill Rumple, because apparently that’s what Rumple told her to do. Is this just some good cutting, or has someone played a trick on the young girl?

The synopsis tells us that she has a sinister secret. We thought we knew all about Rumple by now, but it looks like there is something else for us to find out.

Could this have something to do with the Black Fairy and his younger years? Will it have something to do with the darkness inside of him, despite trying everything he can to be good?

Will Rumple not get his happy ever after?

“Once Upon a Time” fans were worried that Hook and Emma wouldn’t get a happy ending. Not as many were worried about Belle and Rumple.

Despite everything that Rumple has done, there is still a part of him filled with darkness. It’s highly possible that he doesn’t yet deserve his happy ever after. This may be what this season is all about. We may finally see him redeemed in the way that Regina was redeemed years earlier.

However, photos of the episode show us that Belle and Rumple are old and happy at some point.

In Hyperion Heights, he has his youthful looks again. Could we get something similar to Hook’s explanation? This could be an alternate world Rumple, seeking redemption or looking for answers and his own happy ending.

We don’t have to wait too long to find out. “Once Upon a Timeseason 7 continues with episode 4, “Beauty,” on Friday, Oct. 27 at 8/7c on ABC. It’s a special Halloween-centered episode, so have your trick-or-treat candy at the ready.