On "The Young and the Restless" Victoria Newman's stubbornness may be the downfall of Brash and Sassy. Customers are returning her products as the FDA is investigating the toxic face masks. Victor has offered his daughter all the support and finances that she would need, but she refused his offer. Vicky wants to remain independent and does not desire her company to be a part of Newman Enterprises. She went to Hamilton/Winters and Neil was sympathetic but Devon said he expects her to pay the bridge loan on time, or he will sell her company to the highest bidder.

l Billy offered to give her the money from his personal funds but it may be too late because his ex-wife's stubbornness may have cost her everything.

Victoria's stubbornness is her downfall

Victoria tries so hard not to be a princess whose daddy always comes to the rescue, but this time she should allow him to help. "Brash and Sassy" face masks have a toxic ingredient and landed her in the hospital. Her product must sit on the shelf awaiting investigation from the feds. She is losing money each time a customer brings back cosmetics for a refund. She is not able to repay Neil and Devon and even tried unsuccessfully to obtain a second loan from them.

The tenacity and stubbornness she inherited from her father has not benefited Victoria the same way.

Victor Newman thinks far ahead into the future while his daughter is concerned only in the moment and this may be her downfall. Billy and his ex-wife are not as ruthless as his brother and her father. Neither of them has the diabolical attitude of Jack and Victor when it comes to business.

This may be the end of Brash and Sassy

With her products being returned and useless face masks sitting on the shelves Victoria is losing money rapidly. She needs to move fast if she wants to even try to save her company. She would be wise to accept help from Billy, Victor and anyone else who will support her at this time. The FDA is not going away so Vicky must act fast or this truly may be the end of all things "Brash and Sassy."

This week she will have even more on her plate as spoilers indicate that her son Reed will be inside Nick's club The Underground when it catches on fire.

Victoria will realize she is not the superwoman she believes herself to be and perhaps this will cause her to accept a hand up in order to save her sanity as well as her company. Stay tuned weekday afternoons on CBS for more episodes of "The Young and the Restless."