"Teen Mom 2" star Kailyn Lowry has made no secret of the fact that she would one day like to move out of Delaware and into California. Kail, who recently graduated college with a communications degree, is now looking at houses to buy in L.A., where she says she would be able to find work easier and also fulfill her "TM2" duties. However, Kailyn has a big problem if she wants to move across the country. She has three sons with three different men, and all of them live in Delaware.

Moving across the country?

According to the latest "Teen Mom 2" news, Kailyn Lowry is looking to buy a home in California.

The "Teen Mom 2" star, 25, recently revealed via social media that she has been looking at condos with a real estate agent, and fans immediately began to wonder if Lowry was planning to pack up her three boys, move across the country, and leave her three baby daddies in the dust. This would seem like a risky move for Kail, who would likely have a huge fight on her hands if she were to do so, especially with her oldest son Isaac's father, Jo Rivera, and her middle son Lincoln's dad, Javi Marroquin. Jo relocated with his fiance to Delaware from Pennsylvania just to be closer to his son, and Javi has already revealed that he would fight Kail in court if she tried to move out of state. As for her third baby daddy, Chris Lopez, his involvement with his infant son, Lux, remains to be seen.

Lowry clears the air

However, the "Teen Mom 2" star cleared the air when fans began to throw shade at her for planning to move her sons away from their fathers. Kailyn Lowry claimed that she was only looking at condos to have a house in California for when she needs to stay there for work-related reasons, such as MTV obligations and anything else she can get herself into post-graduation.

Meanwhile, Kailyn's relationships with her baby daddies aren't at their best right now.

Kailyn's baby daddy drama

Kailyn and Jo are seemingly always pretty good at co-parenting. However, her messy divorce with Javi Marroquin has complicated things for the pair. While they are being civil to one another and co-parenting little Lincoln, there is some stress in their relationship.

Despite the fact that the two are currently writing a book together, and plan to head out on a book tour soon, Javi has recently confirmed that he is dating Kail's "Teen Mom 2" co-star, Briana DeJesus. Kail and Bri reportedly got into a bit of a verbal throwdown last week during the "TM2" reunion filming.

The incident allegedly happened backstage at the show and was caught by cameras. Leah Messer was also allegedly involved. Meanwhile, rumors about baby daddy number three, Chris Lopez, being physically abusive towards Kail are circulating, and the Lowry has reportedly banned Lopez from seeing his son for the time being. Fans can watch Kailyn Lowry's journey Monday nights at 9 p.m. on MTV.