Episodes 109 and 110 of “Dragon Ball Super” will be released this Saturday. In order to make amends for this past weekend, in which there was no new episode, Akira Toriyama announced that episodes 109 and 110 will be released the same day. The reason there was no episode this past weekend was because of the festivities celebrated in Japan. There had been a lot of rumors about what might be coming up on the show, but some information and an episode synopsis finally became available. This gives fans an idea of what might happen with Goku and Jiren.

Special episode’s plot

On Episode 109, Goku will still be fighting against Ribrianne, the love warrior from Universe 2. After a short battle, the God of Destruction Vermouth will order Jiren to engage and eliminate Goku. The strongest warrior of Universe 11 will interrupt the Saiyans battle, unleashing enormous amounts of power. As expected, Goku will react to this with excitement since he will finally face the strongest warrior in the arena.

Finally, the most awaited battle begins, and the display of power will shock even the Gods. Jiren’s power will amaze everyone in the arena and outside it. Excited, Vermouth will confidentially say that his warrior is stronger and will defeat all the warriors left in the arena.

He also mentions that Jiren is a Justice Warrior that always endures fierce training, pushing himself to the limit, just like Saitama from One Punch Man.

Goku will see himself unable to defeat his rival, so he will decide to unleash the power of the Kaioken, multiplying his power to overwhelming limits. But not even with such boost of Ki will he able to withstand the Universe 11’s contender.

In this dire situation, Kakarot (as his Saiyan name stands), will finally attempt to gather the energy of all the living beings he is able to. With all this mighty power gathered he will finally unleash the power of the Spirit Bomb at Jiren!

Episode 109/110 - teaser trailer

Confirming what many had been thinking from the start, Goku will finally reveal his new transformation, popularly called the "Limit Breaker" transformation.

You can check out the latest episode preview of the one-hour special of “Dragon Ball Super” below.

Remember that "Dragon Ball Super" episodes 109 and 110 will be a two-part premiere of Goku and Jiren´s much-awaited battle. This is the epic faceoff that fans of the show have been waiting quite a while to see. The wait is just about over.