Monday on "The Young and the Restless" Abby's world came tumbling down as more drama was added to her already difficult family dynamic. In a crowded room at the "Top of the Tower," she found out that her mother's biological father was not the great businessman John Abbott. Abby was shocked to hear that Brent Davis is her maternal grandfather.

When Scott Grainger offered a hug, she went easily into his arms. These two have been opposing each other like oil and water, with Victor Newman's youngest child accusing Grainger of not liking her. Now he may be the only one who can help her deal with yet another identity crisis.

Abby is unsure of who she really is

Abby grew up believing that Brad Carlton was her biological father, only to find out in later years that Victor Newman is her real dad. She has been caught in the middle of the numerous Newman/Abbott wars ever since. Ashley's only child has tried to bridge the gap between her father and her uncle Jack many times without results. Abby also feels unsure of her place within the two families and believes she comes second to her half-siblings Nick and Victoria.

They leave her out of the loop of important family business and often treat her like a child Victor's youngest child has often voiced her opinion that she is treated differently but no one seems to take her seriously.

This is one reason why she has been so hostile to Scott. She believes that he is only putting up with her because her dad is paying him to do so. Now in addition to feeling like an outcast in the Newman family, she finds out she is not truly an Abbott.

Scott may become Abby's knight in shining armor

Initially, when Scott tried to comfort Ms.

Newman, she was suspicious. The weight of her burden, however, was too much for her, and Abby gave in to the urge to be held. Although she is dating Zack and Mr. Grainger is with Sharon, chemistry is building between Laureen's son and Victor's daughter. By the time prostitution ring storyline is finally over, they may finally realize they have a mutual attraction.

Earlier spoiler alerts even suggested that Scott may have to rescue Abby from her business partner.

On Friday Zack threw it out there that Scott might want to date Abby if he were not with Sharon, which means he is monitoring the situation. If Ms. Newman decides to confide in detail to Mr. Grainger, regarding her family woes, Zack's dark side could surface. Stay tuned for more episodes of "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons at 12:30 p.m.on CBS.