On Wednesday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" Lily's world became a lot more independent. Cane announced that he is now working for Chancellor Industries, which removes some of the burden from his estranged wife in caring for their twins. Vicky told Mrs. Ashby that she has altered regulations regarding employee dating and says Lily can pursue a relationship with Jordan if she so desires. Combine this with the fact that Billy and Victoria gave their top model a lucrative executive position and things are looking pretty good for Lily compared to a week ago.

She even had the courage to blow off both Cane and Jordan.

Lily's new independence looks good on her

Victoria explained to Lily that because of what happened between Juliet and Cane, she was putting into place a rule about Brash and Sassy employees dating. Vicky added that since Jordan is not actually employed by the company, there would be no problem if the soon to be ex- Mrs. Ashby wanted to date him. Later, however, Lily made it very clear to Jordan that she wanted to remain friends and did not desire to pursue a relationship.

Shortly after this, Lily ran into her estranged husband and this is when they swapped stories about their new employment statuses. Cane tried to find out if his wife was pursuing a relationship with Jordan but she shut him down, saying they should stay out of each other's personal lives.

She did not mention that she has already put Mr. Wilde in his place and allowed the father of her children to walk away in doubt. This new independence is beginning to look good on Lily.

Lily forges ahead without either Cane or Jordan

Lily's future looks pretty bright, whether or not she has either Cane or Jordan in it. The father of her children will always play some role in Lily's life, but she now feels empowered to set boundaries.

She was wise enough not to go from her husband into the waiting arms of Jordan and has not set him straight. He responded by going straight to Hilary and asking her out on a date. This shows he was never going to be a stable influence for Lily or her twins.

Now that Lily has an executive position with Brash and Sassy, in addition to her modeling job, financial worries will not be a part of her world.

She seems level headed and pointed in the right direction, but things will soon shift. Juliet will soon give birth and her son will be very real proof of her adultery with Cane. This will be the one thing that will give her pause, but she will continue to forge ahead,