The addition of Marcus Pierce (Tom Welling) in “Luciferseason 3 sets up a love triangle for Lucifer and Chloe. It also introduces another side of the devil, when he realizes that he has a competition over his affections for the detective. Going into the season though, we did not sense any romantic inclination between the lieutenant and the detective in the past three episodes. On the contrary, Marcus was rather condescending towards Chloe Decker (Lauren German). However, this might change in the upcoming episode.

Episode 4: What would Lucifer do?

The synopsis for Episode 4 has us excited about a confrontation between Marcus and Chloe. According to the synopsis from Cartermatt, the detective questions Marcus about his feelings towards her. Consequences that lead to Chloe’s curiosity about his feelings remain unknown. However, it might have something to do with Ella’s revelation.

In the trailer for “Luciferseason 3 episode 4, Ella (Aimee Garcia) talks about someone who likes Chloe. “He is so into you,” she tells Chloe, to which she replies, “You’re joking.” If Ella was referring to Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) then Chloe would not be surprised. After all, she and the devil shared a brief romantic history in season 2.

The other likely person could be Marcus. Chloe would find it unbelievable if the lieutenant fancies her because of how he regards her. Their initial meeting did not actually go well. Likewise, it does not show on Marcus’ face that he likes her.

Jealous Lucifer

Thus, 'What would Lucifer do?' marks the beginning of a jealous Lucifer.

The preview shows him try his best to get the detective’s attention. He even serves her coffee, which is so unlike him. Perhaps he figures out that Marcus likes Chloe and so he tries his best to get in his way. Lucifer believes that he and the detective share a special bond so he intends to keep it this way, no matter the cost.

Tom Ellis has since revealed in past interviews that Marcus brings out the worst in the devil. Lucifer’s jealous side comes out when he learns that the lieutenant has his sights on the detective. Interestingly, Chloe eventually also fancies Marcus not just because of his looks. They share the same ideals when it comes to upholding justice, which she finds attractive.

The case

Elsewhere in “Lucifer” season 3 episode 4, the crime partners investigate the death of a youth counselor. Lucifer and Chloe enter the world of high-end reform programs to find the killer. Meanwhile, Amenadiel decides to adjust his lifestyle in an attempt to help his brother.