Nicole Kidman shocked the audience at the 2017 Emmy Awards when she gave Alexander Skarsgård a kiss on the lips after he was called to receive an award for his role in "Big Little Lies." The actress was seated next to her real-life husband, Keith Urban when she locked lips with her on-screen husband at the awarding ceremony.

"I did kiss him because...but you gotta understand, I did everything with Alex," she said during her "The Graham Norton Show" appearance. "I've got an amazing, supportive, gorgeous husband who I love more than anything in the world and I gave Alex a congratulatory kiss and he's like a mannequin."

'Big Little Lies' wins big at the Emmys

Nicole Kidman and Alexander Skarsgård co-starred in the HBO miniseries where they played as Celeste and Perry Wright.

The seven-episode series ran from February to April and has won eight out of 16 Emmy Award nominations.

Both actors received individual recognition at the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards held in September. Nicole Kidman won the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series, while Alexander Skarsgård nabbed the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited Series.

In his acceptance speech, the actor specifically thanked the actresses he has worked with in "Big Little Lies." Aside from Nicole Kidman, the miniseries also starred Reese Witherspoon, Shailene Woodley, and Laura Dern. “[To] the ladies of the show, thank you for making this boy feel like one of the girls," he said.

Skarsgård on starring in 'Big Little Lies'

Alexander Skarsgård also expressed his gratitude to the most important woman in his life, his mother, and thanked her for giving birth to him. Meanwhile, the actor has said that it was an easy decision for him to accept "Big Little Lies" given the star-studded lineup, the people in-charge for the project, and the interesting plot.

“I was really intrigued by their relationship and I thought it was an interesting opportunity to maybe try to play an abusive husband in a way that at least felt real,” he explained. “Sometimes I feel like it can be a bit stereotypical and a bit cliché. And this was so rich and so layered. It’s a man who’s conflicted and he has these demons inside.”

He revealed how often he apologized to Nicole Kidman after filming intense scenes for the HBO series. Despite playing the villain in "Big Little Lies," Alexander Skarsgård admitted he had no idea how hated he was for his character until it was brought to his attention.