Netflix’s “Stranger Things” debuted in July 2016. It was an instant hit, as described by Business Insider. The show managed to garner a viewership of roughly 8.2 million. It easily surpassed other shows like, “Daredevil,” “Jessica Jones,” and “Making a Murderer.” Showrunners confirmed “Stranger Things” season 2 with the launch of its trailer at San Diego Comic-Con this year. With this, they confirmed the show’s premiere date as being October 27, 2017. The season is going to consist of nine episodes.

Cast and characters updates

According to Den of Geek, most of the main cast will return for the show.

But there are many “high profile” members that have been added to the group. Actor Sean Astin has been hired to play the role of a nerd named Bob Newby, Hollywood Reporter noted. He will be seen managing the local Hawkins Radio Shack. He shares a romantic history with Joyce. This is not something that Harbor’s Police Chief, Jim Horper enjoys. Hopper too is seen creating chemistry with Joyce in the first season. Another report by The Verge states that Paul Reiser will be seen playing Dr. Owens, who works with the Department of Energy. Dr. Owens is expected to bring about an interesting turn. It is not known whether he will play the character of a villain or hero. Even Resier himself isn’t sure of what awaits as he hasn’t read the entire script.

There’s also Linnea Berthelsen onboard, who plays Roman on “Stranger Things 2.” One of the trailers revealed a mysterious character named Max, which will be played by Sadie Sink. Max has a hyper-confident brother named Billy, played by Dacre Montgomery. Lastly, a report by TV Line claims that Joe Kerry and Noah Schnapp may have been promoted as series regular.

‘Stranger Things 2’ Storyline

According to Entertainment Weekly, James Cameron will be seen bringing about a lot of changes in the next installment. Duffer Brothers told the publication that they “looked to him,” so that they could capture the “magic of his work.” The concept of “Upside Down” will also be explored in length this time.

Show writer, Matt Dawkins was reported by EW as saying that a lot of questions, “in terms of if the Monster is dead,” will be answered this time. The second season will be “bigger” and “darker,” Shawn Levy (Director and Executive Producer) told Vanity Fair. The installment will be “character-based,” and will give more screen time to the core group of the show.