Jenelle Evans of "Teen Mom 2" may have three baby daddies, but that doesn't mean she isn't trying to create a harmonious family life. The mom-of-three recently tied the knot with husband, David Eason, and it seems she's having all of her children refer to him as their father, even though he and Jenelle only share one child together. Fans of the show, and those who closely follow Jenelle's social media accounts were clearly upset that Jenelle had decided to cut the father's out of her children's lives.

The photo in question

Jenelle Evans recently posted an adorable photo to her Instagram of her sons, Jace and Kaiser with David's daughter, Maryssa, as they built a fort together.

In the caption, Jenelle wrote that the three children got help from "Capt. Dad," despite the fact that Maryssa is David's only biological daughter. The fans were concerned that it would one day be confusing to the boys when they realize that David is not their real father, but they have still been led to call him "Dad." Despite having so many children with so many different parents, Maryssa does not see her mother and Jace, Jenelle's son has never had a relationship with his father. However, Jenelle shares custody of him with her mother, Barbara, which has caused a significant rift in their mother/daughter relationship.

The boys' real dads and issues with David

Jenelle's eldest son, Jace, has no relationship with his father, Andrew.

Andrew has appeared on "Teen Mom 2" only once or twice, and his appearances were hardly memorable. He was not interested in supporting Jenelle or Jace, and Jenelle seems to have no relationship with him; therefore, it may not be as confusing to Jace to have someone in his life whom he calls "dad." Kaiser, on the other hand, has a father whom he sees regularly.

Jenelle shares the three-year-old with his father, Nathan Griffith, whom she was engaged to at one point. While Nathan does not have joint custody over Kaiser, they still spend time together, and Kaiser knows that Nathan is his dad. Therefore, it is a worthy point to consider that Kaiser may be confused.

Jace has also expressed to both Jenelle and his grandmother, Barb, that he is slightly afraid of David.

Jenelle, however, has attempted to talk him out of it by making him "see" that David isn't so bad. Thus, if Jace does have any ill-feelings toward David, calling him dad might be somewhat of an issue for him psychologically.