"Facts Of Life" star Mindy Cohn has gone public about her five-year-long battle with Breast Cancer revealing how the frightening diagnosis changed her life forever. Mindy Cohn, who is best known for her role as Natalie on the popular 80s sitcom, "The Facts of Life," has shared the details of her five-year-long battle. By doing so, she hopes to help others who may be suffering from breast cancer.

Life after breast cancer diagnosis

Mindy reveals the day she first felt something was really wrong with her health. She states she was taking a walk around her Los Angeles neighborhood when she became very tired all of a sudden.

Cohn said she felt like she couldn't go on so she texted close pal actress "Mad About You" star Helen Hunt telling her she needed help, something was wrong.

Mindy Cohn, 51, reveals going to the doctor who ran a series of tests when a scan detected something in her breast. The doctor scheduled a biopsy and the news was bad. “It was breast cancer,” she tells PEOPLE, revealing that she kept her illness a secret for a long time. Mindy reveals how she spent the next five years. She underwent a double mastectomy, and chemo and radiation treatments.

A long, hard fight

Her fight was long and hard, she reveals it drained her in many ways. Trying to keep a positive outlook, cancer spread. She recalls feeling completely "out of control." She credits her recovery five-years later to her closest friends and lifestyle gurus Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Dr.

Brent Ridge of the reality series "The Fabulous Beekman Boys." She reveals finding peace and refuge on their Sharon Springs, New York farm where she stayed during her breast cancer battle and recovery.

Mindy, now cancer free, also thanks her family, especially her parents for seeing her through this nightmare and always being by her side.

Thankfully, Mindy has returned back to Hollywood to resume her normal life. “I’m feeling great,” she says. Mindy states she is ready to head back to work, and can't wait to see what comes next in life.

Though best known for her role as Natalie, Mindy Cohn has carried out a long and successful career post "Facts of Life." Mindy's acting credentials also include a leading role alongside "Grease" star Stockard Channing in the 1984 film "Table Settings".

She also had numerous guest appearances on popular TV shows, alongside Scott Baio in "Charles in Charge" as well as appearances in "Hot in Cleveland," The Secret Life of the American Teenager" and "The Middle."

Mindy Cohn is now currently filming her new role as Thelma in "Hollywood Dirt" as she continues to stay vigilant about her health and recovery. We wish Mindy Cohn continued good health and happiness.