Family comedy "The Middle" is set to end after Season 9, according to Cinema Blend. The TV Series first aired in 2009 and has become a staple in many households, both inside and outside of the U.S. Sadly, ABC has made the decision to cut the show after the next season has aired. A renewal order was given by ABC in January, so fans have the last season to look forward to before the show comes to an end. There is some speculation that the show's cancellation may be to do with a decline in viewer ratings in season 8, as reported by Cinema Blend on August 2.

The TV show was aired on Wednesday nights for the first 7 seasons but was moved to Tuesday nights for season 8, which reportedly had a negative impact on the show's ratings. According to Cinema Blend, executive producers Eileen Heisler and DeAnn Heline met and sat down with the cast last year and they came to the decision that season 9 would be a good time to finish the story. Hopefully, the show will end on a good note for fans around the globe.

Family comedy "The Middle" has provided viewers with a good laugh

The show follows the lives of the Heck family, who reside in Orson, Indiana. Their story is told through the eyes of a middle-aged mom, Frankie, who tries to keep the household under control and raise her and husband Mike's three kids.

The Heck children all have quite unique personalities, which adds to the show's humor. Perhaps the funniest of the three is the youngest sibling, Brick, who is extremely intelligent and has a habit of repeating random words under his breath. Sue, the middle child, has an unparalleled zest for life and an innocence that makes her character really likable.

Finally, eldest son Axl tries to sail through life as a "popular" high schooler, learning some pretty tough life lessons along the way. The parents themselves are equally as comedy-providing, with Frankie very much being a stereotypical mom and Mike constantly having an air of nonchalance about him. The situations that the Heck family gets into are hilarious, but it also has to be said that some of the situations, for families, are quite relatable.

This aspect adds to the show's appeal, as even though the events are dramatized, one can sit back and laugh as they're reminded of the time something similar happened to them.

The cast of the Heck family

The show has been going strong for the last 8 years, and a lot of this has to do with a great cast. "Everybody Loves Raymond's" Patricia Heaton narrates the story as mom Frankie, whilst Neil Flynn, otherwise known as the janitor in "Scrubs", plays the role of husband Mike. 27-year-old Charlie McDermott is the oldest brother Axl in the series. 25-year-old Eden Sher has the role of the middle child, Sue, and 19-year-old Atticus Shaffer is the youngest of the Heck family, Brick. Season 9 of the show is due to premiere on October 3, 2017.