"Teen Mom 2" stars Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin have been on an emotional roller coaster since deciding to divorce last year. The couple, who officially ended their marriage earlier this year, have been through many ups and downs since calling it quits. Not only have things been bad, like when Kail got a protection order against Javi, but they've also been good, such as the exes announcing they're writing a book together. However, fans want to know if they ever hooked up after they decided to split?

Have Kail and Javi been romantic since their divorce?

According to Kailyn Lowry herself, she and Javi Marroquin have never hooked up since their split in 2016. The "Teen Mom 2" star says that once she's done with someone, she has never gone back to them. However, many fans will remember that Kail cheated on ex-boyfriend Jordan Wenner with her first baby daddy, Jo Rivera, back in the day. So, it's not shocking that fans would wonder if Lowry and Marroquin have been hooking up on the down low. However, the MTV mom says it's never happened, and she'll never get back together with her former husband, even though they recently shared a kiss!

Marroquin and Lowry are currently working on a book together

Despite the fact that Javi Marroquin and Kailyn Lowry decided to go on "Marriage Boot Camp" together, the couple's relationship just wasn't meant to be saved.

The "Teen Mom 2" dad did admit that he went on the show hoping he could save his marriage, but Lowry had other ideas about the relationship. Now, although it's been a rough and rocky road, the two are actually working well together in their personal life, and their professional one. Kail and Javi are co-parenting their children and getting ready to head out on a book tour together for their new novel, which details both sides of the story to their marriage and divorce.

Will they ever get back together?

It all started when Javi Marroquin decided to write a book about the end of his marriage and what it was like to be married to Kailyn Lowry and be featured on "Teen Mom 2." However, Javi revealed that Kail did not agree with everything that he wanted to put in his book. So, the two teamed up to do a he said/she said type of deal and reveal their individual stories, letting fans see how they overlap and what really happened in their relationship. Although both Javi and Kail say their relationship is dead, many fans are still secretly hoping that they'll eventually work through their issues and possibly reunite romantically as well.