Megyn Kelly shared inspiring stories about breast cancer to raise awareness on a recent episode of her daytime show on NBC. Actress and model Elizabeth Hurley appeared on “Megyn Kelly Today” and talked about how she lost her grandmother to breast cancer.

“Breast cancers are 90 percent curable if found early,” Hurley said during the interview with Kelly. “The fact that you self-examine means the fear is diminished because you know if something bad was found, it wasn’t there a year ago.”

She is now working with the Estee Lauder Companies for their breast cancer campaign, delivering speeches in events and sharing her insights about this medical condition.

She also shared that she once received a mammogram test from Evelyn Lauder as a gift.

Evelyn is the daughter-in-law of Estee Lauder. This Austrian-American businesswoman and socialite has been championing Breast Cancer Awareness through the so-called “pink ribbon campaign.”

Before the actress became active in the awareness campaigns, Hurley also said that her grandmother died from the disease in the 90s. She also shared her admiration for Julia Louis-Dreyfus for letting the public know about her breast cancer diagnosis.

Hurley is known for her performance as Queen Helena in the hit TV series, “The Royals.” She previously portrayed the role of Diana Payne in the popular series titled “Gossip Girl.”

Awareness about the disease

“Megyn Kelly Today” also featured NBC’s “Today” host Hoda Kotb to talk about her personal journey through the disease.

The morning show host’s doctor, Dr. Freya Schnabel was revealed to be the same person that Kelly visits for her mammograms.

She said that there are a lot of qualified doctors around and it is important to choose someone they love. Kotb added that getting mammograms is necessary to find out about the disease early on.

“The world snaps into focus, so there is a kind of a silver lining at the end of it all.

But once you emerge ... life changes in a way that you didn’t expect,” she said.

Helping an afflicted mother

The episode also shared the story of Heather Salazar, a mother based in Ohio, who adopted a baby whose biological mother was diagnosed with the stage IV breast cancer, Today reported. The baby’s mom died from the disease.

Afterwards, Salazar was also diagnosed with that specific type of cancer.

She shared how she thought her life was “all figured out.” Salazar added that this young lady, from whom she adopted the baby, changed her life and “her family’s life forever.”