Megyn Kelly drew criticisms from viewers of her new daytime TV show on NBC. Titled “Megyn Kelly Today,” this program marks her debut appearance on the network after leaving Fox News.

The pilot episode was shown on Monday, September 25. “Megyn Kelly Today” is aired a few hours after the network’s morning program. It follows the format of a talk show that invites live audience members.

On the first episode of the show, Kelly talked about her transfer from Fox News to NBC, and how she plans to distance herself from politics, Time reported. Since 2004, she had worked with her former home network as an anchor and political commentator before she decided to join NBC.

Good ratings

“Megyn Kelly Today” featured a daytime backdrop of New York City, an elevated audience area and couches provided for the guests of the show. Monday’s pilot episode successfully aired, garnering around 2.9 million total viewers with over 900,000 tuning into the news demo part of the show, Deadline reported.

Analysts said that the new show is intended to compete with “Live With Kelly And Ryan,” a program aired by WABC. The ratings also revealed that Megyn Kelly was able to beat the WABC daytime show after logging in higher ratings on Monday.

“Megyn Kelly Today” replaced NBC’s “Today’s Take.” This is her first show since she transferred to the network and details about her upcoming projects might be unveiled within the next few weeks.

Welcome to NBC

During the first episode, Kelly welcomed the viewers with a retelling of her life as a journalist and a prosecution attorney. She shared tidbits of information about her family and her future plans in front of her live audience.

The show invited cast members from “Will And Grace” and they talked about the return of this favorite sitcom.

There were also throwback scenes presented from this groundbreaking television phenomenon.

It also featured her new co-workers on NBC who toasted mimosas with her live during the episode, part of welcoming her into her new chapter. Kathie Lee Gifford gave her advice, Matt Lauer taught her how to flip omelets and Hoda Kotb escorted her to the dressing room.

Some Criticisms

However, “Megyn Kelly Today” also received negative reactions from the viewers. Critics noted that she failed “to connect with the audience” during the show, Time reported. Her debut performance was also regarded as “awkward and chilly.”

There was also a part when a fan met with the cast of “Will And Grace” and answered a question from Kelly. She asked him if it was true that “he became gay” because of the sitcom.

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