The New Yorker magazine has depicted US President, Donald Trump, as a “dangerous clown” on its cover. Interestingly, this is done a week ahead of Halloween. An artist named Carter Goodrich has been credited for illustrating the art piece. He said that the motivation behind his latest creation is “personal” to him. The issue will be made available on newsstands a day before Halloween takes place.

Everything you need to know

According to The Week, the creators behind this issue have used Trump (as a metaphor) to mark the special occasion. Goodrich described America’s President as someone that is a “national nightmare.” He said that his “entire life” has been disrupted ever since Donald Trump won the US elections earlier last year.

In the picture, Trump is seen featuring a red colored nose, just like a traditional clown would wear. He is seen sporting the typical dress, a bright, colorful jumpsuit, and white-colored neck ruffle. Goodrich decided to give the picture a creepy touch by adding Trump’s “cunning smile.” He is seen creepily peeing around tall tree trunks in a forest-like scenery. According to a report by The Hill, the Trump clown creator has spoken to The New Yorker about his feelings towards the President. He said that he is still “as stunned now” as he was a year ago during the grand Election Night.

Movie on Trump?

Goodrich went on to say that he has come across projects where he has been asked to create movies on Trump.

However, he hasn’t been able to get himself to do it. Goodrich then went to describe Trump as being a “cartoon villain,” who is “infantile and strange.” According to Bustle, this comical rendering of Trump went viral in seconds. Thousands of social media users have already created memes around this picture and shared it with their friends.

Trump haters have been poking fun at the President by comparing him to the main character from “IT” movie, Pennywise. The New Yorker magazine has known to use different pictures as their covers to instill thought-provoking messages. They aren’t the first publication to mock the US President. Back in 2016, a Time cover showcased Trump in a black and white close-up headshot.

The magazine referred to Trump as being a “party crasher,” “bully” and nothing but a “showman.” Magazine publications since then, haven’t shied away from representing Trump’s campaign or effort in a negative light. The President hasn’t responded to The New Yorker cover as yet.