will smith and Joel Edgerton join forces with director David Ayer in the upcoming Netflix-original film, "bright." This film focuses on the exploits of a cop as he encounters the hardships that come with living in a fantastical version of Los Angeles. While facing the trials and tribulations of this mythical setting, he receives a new perspective on the ever-growing issues of this city.

'Bright' boasts a high profile cast and crew that rival the quality that can be found within the cinema, as Netflix continues to create original content that pushes the boundaries of the industry.

Breaking new ground

Netflix has recently created a great amount of immensely successful and well-received original content to their media-streaming platform. Programs such as "House of Cards", "Orange is the New Black" and “Okja" have proven that audiences are ready to consume faster than ever before, and that Netflix has the means to pull in top-tier content creators. With the creation of the aforementioned original content, Netflix no longer needs to rely on the dealings that come along with purchasing pre-existing media. This freedom, as well as the freedom given to the artists allowed to create, brings forth a new era in film and television that attempts to make it easier than ever for the audience.

Non-traditional films such as 'Bright' can find a comfortable home on this Netflix due to the intense care that each product receives and the ever-growing audience that can be found on Netflix with users across the world.

Will Smith and David Ayer reteam

Recently teaming up for the film “Suicide Squad”, it is difficult to ignore that “Bright” features both Will Smith and director David Ayer as the leading creative forces on the project.

This recent blunder has tempered anticipation for their new project, as many fans are cautious to succumb to excitement, of which mirrors the excitement found at the disappointing release for their last film. While both artists can certainly be well-received in their respective fields, this recent disappointment is very fresh within the minds of viewers and critics alike.

With the drop of stellar new trailer the audience has become increasingly optimistic for the future of both this project as well as the perspective future of the streaming-platform. Featuring an inventive plot, familiar actors and enticing action, 'Bright' has the potential to become a hit among Netflix users, worldwide.

With the success of their recent ventures, will ‘Bright’ prove to be another hit for Netflix?