Film producer Harvey Weinstein was recently fired from "The Weinstein company" (TWC), due to the sexual harassment controversy that surrounds him. The company was founded by Harvey and his younger brother, Bob in 2005 after they left "Miramax," which they established in 1979. According to the company's board of directors, Harvey was dismissed because of the rapidly increasing allegations of sexual misconduct against him. However, it seems that Harvey thinks differently.

Harvey thinks his brother betrayed him

According to "CNN", a good friend of Weinstein said on Monday that Harvey believes this was a planned "takedown." He is also telling his close associates that he thinks his brother Bob, is behind "The New York Times" story that unveiled the whole controversy and the board's decision to dismiss him that followed it.

According to Harvey's friend, he feels like he has been "betrayed" by 62-year-old Bob.

A representative for Bob Weinstein said that he refused to comment. Harvey's spokesperson also did not answer the repeated requests for comments on the matter. The relationship between both Bob and his 65-year-old older brother Harvey has been strained for quite some time. Both the brothers have very different personalities, Harvey is outspoken whereas Bob is known for being the more peaceful one. Bob, who is the head of "Dimensions Film," is behind the production of horror movies under the label, while the Oscar-contender movies are the brainchild of Harvey.

Some company employees knew of Harvey's behavior

On Sunday, Bob was among the board members who voted to fire Harvey, however, he did not make any public comment about his move.

Bob, along with the president and chief operating officer of The Weinstein Company are currently running the studio, that has been put at stake after the unfolding of events. According to "CNN," Harvey told his close pals that both his brother and the company's president, David Glasser are behind his downfall. Another issue that emerged after the scandal became public was whether the other employees of his company, including the board of directors and Bob, knew about Harvey's misconduct with females.

In the story published by "The New York Times," two company employees were cited, who said that Harvey had eight settlements with different women over a period of time, which means that there were people inside his company who knew of this all along. Harvey's dismissal from his company was not the only shock he received recently as just yesterday, his wife of ten years Georgina Chapman decided to leave him.