Luis D. Ortiz may be a loving Puerto Rican, who captured everyone's hearts on "Million Dollar Listing New York," but his heart has been breaking over the past couple of weeks. His beloved island of Puerto Rico has been struggling to overcome the devastation that Hurricane Maria caused about 10 days ago. After getting rattled by Hurricane Irma, a second hurricane hit the island. No one was ready to for this kind of island and people are slowly dying based on eye-witness accounts. The "Million Dollar Listing New York" star has revealed that he wants to go back to save his family, but he has been told that his work in the United States will do more good than his work on the island.

According to a new Instagram post, Luis D. Ortiz is now speaking out about what it is like to be stuck in the United States knowing that his family is on the island and needing help. He has been using his social media presence to call attention to people who may be interested in donating money. On social, Ortiz revealed that people should stay strong and that help is coming. Perhaps he's confused as to why it is taking so long to get aid to the island.

Encourages people to stay strong

In the middle of his pleas to send help to Puerto Rico, Stephen Paddock decided to fire at a group of people in Las Vegas, killing 59 people and injuring upwards of 500. Perhaps Luis was lost for words because he decided to simply send a message of strength.

It sounds like his message is not just to people rattled by the Las Vegas shooting, but also to people of Puerto Rico.

"We MUST stay STRONG and not allow any of the things happening today kill our hope and spirit! Not easy to do, but we MUST. To the families around the world, I’m so sorry! Please, PLEASE stay STRONG!" Luis D.

Ortiz revealed on Instagram, sharing that people should stay strong and he feels very bad that not more help is being sent to the island.

He's encouraging his fans to help out, as he knows people who are still stuck on the island. His parents may still be in need of water, food, and generators. However, Luis is also saying that he has other family members stuck on the island.

No signs he's returning to real estate

Earlier this year, Luis was visited in Paris by Fredrik Eklund and Ryan Serhant, who wanted to know if he had changed his mind about returning to real estate and return to "Million Dollar Listing New York." There's no sign that he's back in New York full time, filming the show again.

What do you think of Luis D. Ortiz's Instagram post about staying strong?