The new season of “Million Dollar Listing New York” aired on Bravo last night, and one person was noticeably missing: Luis D. Ortiz. Luis was one of the realtors that has been featured on the show for the past couple years, and he had won over viewers with his Puerto Rican charm, his not-so-tall stature, and his sleek hair. But most of all, people love the way he is always smiling, laughing, and saying “Boom” every time he gets a new deal or sells an expensive property.

On the previous season of “Million Dollar Listing New York,” D. Ortiz really struggled with what he really wanted in life.

He wasn't sure that real estate was his true passion, even though he had done so well for himself. He decided to leave the show behind, even though many thought it was a mistake.

Ortiz wanted to launch a business based on happiness, and on March 1 of this year, he packed his bags and moved to Paris. In other words, he was nowhere near New York when the new season of “Million Dollar Listing New York” aired last night.

Former ‘MDLNY’ star probably didn’t watch the show yesterday

So, what was Luis D. Ortiz doing when the new season of “Million Dollar Listing New York” aired last night? Given the time difference, he was probably sleeping. But it sounds like his family is visiting him in Paris from Puerto Rico.

On his social media pages, it sounds like he is showing his family around France, and they are loving every minute of it. It doesn't appear that Luis has had any regrets about leaving the show behind or real estate in New York City. In fact, it sounds like many of his fans are following his new journey.

"Love your instavids and your happiness every day!

Wish you a good time with family. The moment with the guitarist at night seems magical and your mum is soooo cute, she seems so sweet !!!" one person wrote to Luis on Instagram this past week.

Luis will return to the show

Ryan Serhant has recently revealed that fans shouldn't be missing Luis D. Ortiz too much. As it turns out, the whole group travels to Paris to visit him later this season, and he does show up during random scenes this season.

This was something that Ryan revealed on social media. This just proves that they have become great friends while filming, and that “Million Dollar Listing New York” wasn't just a business decision for the stars.

Do you miss Luis D. Ortiz on the show this season? Are you surprised that they are all friends now, as they have stayed so close while filming?