Luis D. Ortiz has always been a proud Puerto Rico and he used this angle to sell real-estate in New York when he was filming "Million Dollar Listing New York" for a couple of years. He was excited to be a part of the show and he was always talking about his love for his home country. He even hosted a party to sell a property and used his roots from Puerto Rico to sell it. When Luis heard that two storms were headed for his beloved island, he decided to speak out on social media. When Hurricane Irma hit the island, he revealed he was in Los Angeles at the time.

Since he's constantly talking about the island, fans were wondering if he was alright.

When Hurricane Maria recently hit the island, fans were even more concerned. His father is still there and the island is currently in a state of complete devastation. According to a new Instagram post, Luis D. Ortiz is now speaking out about the devastation and he's ready to get involved. For a while, he was sitting back with the rest of the world, watching as the storm hit the island and the power was knocked out.

Not near the country

When the storm hit, Luis D. Ortiz wasn't in Puerto Rico. It appears that he was in the United States when the storm hit, but he didn't provide an update on his family. Many of his fans are wondering if his family is alright, but he didn't express any concern for them.

"Praying for you my beautiful Puerto Rico" he revealed before the storm hit the island, to which his fans gave him updates as more information came from the island, to which another person revealed, "The entire island is left without power estimating six months according to the news!!! This is terrible!"

It is possible that he had them removed from the country before the storm hit, so he knew they would be safe with him.

No word on whether he has cousins or more family members stuck on the island.

Getting involved

On Instagram, Luis D. Ortiz recently revealed that he is getting involved with some top leaders and influencers to help the country. He has revealed that the entire island is without electricity and 90% of the island is without communications.

He says one of the biggest problems is keeping people safe and communicating with them to see if they are alright. It sounds like he's getting involved to connect people in need.

What do you think about Luis D. Ortiz's post about his home country of Puerto Rico? Are you surprised that he's now getting involved to help his country?