We are already three episodes down in “Luciferseason 3 and there are 19 more to go in the super-sized season (including the four-standalone episodes). The premiere introduced the newcomer, Marcus Pierce (Tom Welling) and welcomed back Lucifer Morningstar’s wings, which he sliced off in the second episode.

Fans saw a little background story on “Maze-The Bounty Hunter” on Monday’s episode, the first of the four stand-alone stories. Technically, this served as the third episode of the season. Every so often, the writers of the show give fans a tease at the upcoming episodes by revealing their titles, which we have gathered below.

Episode 4: ‘What Would Lucifer Do?’

A youth counselor is found murdered and Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Chloe Decker (Lauren German) venture into the world of high-end reform programs in order to catch the killer. Meanwhile, according to the synopsis from Flickering Myth, Amenadiel makes some adjustments to his lifestyle to help out his brother. Chloe also questions Marcus’ feelings towards her.

Fox has released a few of promotional images ahead of the show’s return on Oct. 23. There are a few images of Dan and Chloe at work and Chloe in deep conversation with Marcus. There is an interesting photo of Amenadiel and Lucifer in what appears to be an argument. The photos also show that Lux is back in operation again.

Episode 5: ‘Welcome Back, Charlotte Richards’

Chloe and Lucifer investigate the death of a food chemist and find themselves face-to-face with criminal defense attorney Charlotte Richards. Charlotte returns to the precinct and surprises everyone, of course, including Dan. As Lucifer tries to understand her return, he also makes a surprising discovery that helps solve the case.

Charlotte appeared in a “blink-and-you’ll miss it” moment in the trailer for episode 3, “The One With The Baby Carrot” (see 0:12 mark in the video below).

Episode 6: ‘The Sinnerman’

The episode marks the debut of Lucifer’s adversary, the Sinnerman (Kevin Carroll). Details about what happens in this episode remain under wrap. It is likely that Lucifer finally gets to meet the mysterious criminal mastermind who is behind the return of his wings and removal of his demon face.

Episode 7: ‘The Sin Bin’

No details for this episode yet, other than it is directed by Greg Beeman. The screenplay is from Sheri Elwood.

Episode 8: ‘All About Her’

This show could be the second stand-alone episode, this time the spotlight is on Chloe Decker. Fans will see her past relationship with Dan as teased in the San Diego Comic Con trailer for season 3. There are only four more episodes left until the season 3 finale of “Lucifer.” Stay tune for more updates.